Anker Tattoo Motive: 54 cool ideas for your next tattoo

The ancient tradition of tattooing fascinates us again and again and never just goes out of fashion. Tattoos were once considered to be a special and rarity trend, and today tattoos are among the most popular and fashionable trends. Men as well as women are struck by different tattoo motifs in all sorts of variations and styles, and for some, this is often a "never-ending story", an infectious passion that is perceived as real art. It is not for nothing that body art is spoken about and tattoo artists have long since been seen as true artists. So there are constantly new tattoo trends and trendy motifs, which not only make the hearts of real tattoo fanatics beat faster, but also inspire absolute newbies.

Anker Tattoo motifs are on the rise again

The anchor - just an old school tattoo? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Anchor Tattoo motifs are definitely making a comeback and are very popular with many people as a tattoo in all sorts of variants and at the most different body parts. This timeless combination of trident and cross, formerly considered a symbol of the Seafarers' Guild, is now generally perceived as a symbol of hope and eternal fidelity. In addition, the anchor is home and return, which not only used to be so important to sailors in the past, but has not lost relevance even today.

Anker Tattoo is already back in fashion

anchor tattoo men underarm

The anchor provides the ship with a firm hold not only in the safe harbor, but also on the high seas, digging itself into the seabed. So he should also offer a stop in the figurative sense in life and give his wearers strength and stability. A newer meaning of the anchor tattoo is to be the symbol of everlasting love.

Or it is said: Two twin souls have found each other and want to stay together forever and ever. This gives the anchor a rather romantic aftertaste and is often stung as a partner tattoo.

The anchor - a versatile and flexible tattoo motif

Hardly any other tattoo motif is as versatile and easy to combine as the anchor. It can be wonderful in all possible styles and on all parts of the body outstanding. Quite delicate with fine lines or in dotwork, with soft shades, classic in blackwork or colorful and three-dimensional - an anchor tattoo always looks particularly cool and meaningful. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with other motifs and symbols. The most preferred are hearts, sailing ships, ropes, steering wheels, lighthouses, waves and stars. Not infrequently, such a tattoo is also provided with a lettering on which a popular life wisdom or a valuable name stands. With so many design options, it's easy to create an individual anchor tattoo idea that means a lot to you and tells your own story on the skin.

Anchor motifs are very popular with both men and women

upper arm tattoo women anchor motif

Did you also feel like getting a tattoo done? Here in our gallery you can draw plenty of inspiration. If you do not have a tattoo yet, or if you are not sure if and where you would like to have the anchor tattoo, it is best to first try it with a non-permanent tattoo. On the Internet or in specialized shops you will find numerous variations of such tattoos.

Especially for those of you who have a deep longing for the sea or an adventurous spirit, Anker and other maritime motives are definitely the right tattoo choice. Take a look at all the ideas here and if you find some suitable for you, show them to the tattoo artist you trust.

May the wind always be in your back and ... always anchor where you feel best ...

Have fun and a good luck!

The place behind the ear is often preferred by many when tattooing

small tattoo behind ear anchor tattoo idea

Men often choose the lower and upper arm or chest when tattooing

3d tattoo forearm men anchor motif

Many women love the combination of anchor and roses

wrist tattoo anchor with flowers

In addition, filigree line tattoos or dotwork in tattooed ladies are very popular

anchor tattoo with mandala forearm

Small, minimalist anchor tattoos are perfect for partner tattoos

Anchor tatto ideas for men and women

And more inspiring tattoo designs for you

anchor women tattoo ideas on the foot

3d anchor tattoo idea for men

anchor tattoo 3d colorful with hibiscus and orchids

anchor tattoo wrist men

anchor tattoo idea men upper arm

Anchor tattoo ideas women tattoo on the upper back

anchor tattoo men upper arm

anchor tattoo with feather

Anchor tattoo with heart on wrist

Anchor tattoo with rope on forearm

anchor tattoo motive legs for couples

anchor tattoos with hearts small

Anchor tattoo templates small

Anchor and helm on forearm 3d tattoo

colorful anchor tattoo upper arm idea

colorful tattoo anchor on the leg

cool tattoo forearm anchor

Elegant tattoo anchor women tattoo foot

filigree tattoo anchor family forearm men

friendship tattoo anchor wrist tattoo

big anchor tattoo upper arm women red bow beads

big men tattoo underarm anchor motif

great tattoo men underarm anchor motif

big tattoo anchor hand men tattoos

green tattoo anchor on the back

indian motif tattoo anchor colorful

small anchor tattoo on the foot  small tattoos anchor font on the foot women tatoo motifs

partner ideas ideas anchor finger tattoos

roses anchor tattoo on forearm women's tattoo

roses anchor tattoo motif women tattoos ideas

butterflies and anchor tattoo 3d on leg

tattoo ideas for women anchor on forearm with blue flowers

tattoo anchor and ivy motif upper arm tattoo women

tattoo ideas anchor motive forearm

tattoo motive anchor 3d

tattoo motifs men anchor breast tattoos

tattoos ideas anchor hand forearm ankle

tattoos men anchor tattoo hand

tattoo template anchor 3d colorful with flowers and rope

tattoo template anchor big

tribal tattoo template anchor

forearm tattoo idea women anchor

watercolor tattoo anchor on the forearm

watercolor tattoos anchor motif underarm

white tattoo anchor motif underarm

white tattoos anchor on the finger