Horny tattoo templates and designs in white

tattoo motifs white and black

Tattoo templates and motifs in white


In the last few years are Tattoo templates in white or "white tattoos" become very popular. You probably have such tattoos or some friend showed you his tattoo. At first glance, white tattoos look like one-off and create the impression that they are part of the skin.

Unlike traditional tattoos made with black ink, white tattoos use white ink. Do not you feel that gives the tattoos a ghostly look? Me, yes! The original here is that white tattoo motives can look unique and individual on the skin and that depends on your skin color!

White tattoos are unique and original

neck tattoo star motif

What else do you need to know?

Before you get a white tattoo, you need to know the following facts in advance. White tattoos can sometimes melt. That's why you should have your tattoo in white tattooed away from colored tattoos. The white tattoo is not recommended for people with freckles because they make it look unsmooth. If your skin is darker, your white tattoo may look transparent.

The moon phases

How can you choose a white tattoo?

The tattoo design and the tattoo templates are designed to be simple. Tattooing with white ink is much more complicated than with black ink. That's why a simple design will look better and will make your tattoo unique and unrepeatable. These include delicate motifs such as stars, tattoo sayings, hearts, arrows, oriental symbols and other ...

Polynesian Tattoos - Sleeves

tattoo ideas white polynesian tattoos

How can you choose the location of the tattoo?

As the white tattoos fade faster than the traditional ones, it would be much better if you think well about the tattooing placement. My tip for you is to choose a place that is covered with clothes most of the time. This can be the ankle, the shoulder, the upper arms, the navel, the back.

The photos selected for you are waiting for your attention and curiosity. Have fun with tattooing!

Snowflake tattoo with white and purple

sleeve tattoo ideas motives white

Women tattoo templates in white

finger anchor tattoo ideas white

White flowers on the finger

finger flowers tattoo ideas white

Pair of tattoos - wedding ring

Wedding couple tattoo ideas motives white

Arrow on the finger

Arrow tattoo templates motifs white

Bird on the finger

finger bird tattoo ideas white

Anchor tattoo in white

tattoo ideas motifs anchor white

Put white and pink together

tattoo ideas motive flowers white pink

Foot tattoo in white

tattoo ideas motives beautiful flowers white

Small skull in white

tattoo ideas motive skull white

Attractive flowers at the foot

tattoo ideas white flowers

Wrist Tattoos - 2 wings

tattoo ideas wing motive white

Love relationship scheme

tattoo ideas love relationships white

Mickey Mouse inspiration

tattoo ideas mickey mouse white

White heart

wrist tattoo ideas tattoos heart

White cross on the wrist

tattoo templates tattoos cross white

Musical theme

wrist tattoo templates tattoos musical

Arrow motif

wrist tattoo tattoo arrow white

Paw pressure

tattoo templates tattoos paw print white

Tattoo motifs - keys

tattoo motifs tattoos key white

Tattoo fonts

tattoo motifs tattoos font love white

Tattoo Sayings - Family

tattoo motives templates tattoos sayings family white


tattoo templates tattoos sayings love

I love the live

wrist tattoo tattoos sayings white templates


wrist tattoo motifs white templates

Tattoo ideas

wrist tattoo templates bird motif

Three birds

wrist tattoo templates birds motif

More motifs in white

tattoo templates white great designs

Small tattoos

wrist tattoo motifs templates delicate tattoos

Cool templates in white

tattoo templates tattoos white flowers

Small heart

hand tattoo templates white heart

Arabic tattoos

Arab tattoo tattoo template white

 Love motive in white

tattoo templates white love motif

 Snowflakes on the leg

tattoo templates motifs flakes white

 Neck tattoo

neck tattoo templates bird shadow

 Polynesian tattoos

Polynesian tattoo template motifs white


upper arm tattoos sayings tattoo motif

Butterfly tattoo on the shoulder

butterfly tattoo template motifs white

Angel on the back

Cool tattoos on the back

back tattoo template motifs white

Feather with drops

back tattoo templates motiv feather drops

Women tattoo - wings

Little stars

  shoulder breast tattoo templates motifs stars


shoulder tattoo ideas templates white

Rose on the shoulder

shoulder tattoo ideas motives rose

Tattoo sayings - I do not have to lie

tattoo sayings hand motives

Wedding ring icon

tattoo ideas motifs wedding white

Feather tattoos

tattoo ideas motives pen white

White feather with pink and blue


tattoo tattoos sayings in white

Behind the ear

tattoo templates behind the ear


tattoo template ideas in white skeleton

Tattoos motives

tattoo templates ideas in white

Templates for cool tattoos

great tattoo template motifs white

Under the navel

tattoo template motifs white under the navel

White tattoos in the dark - ultraviolet

Fresh tattoo ideas

tattoo templates motifs white

For the music fans

tattoo templates motifs white notes

Tree motif

tattoo template motifs white tree

Tattoo designs in white

tattoo templates nmotive white cross

Paper planes

tattoo ideas motives white paper airplane

Forearm tattoo in white

tattoo ideas white flowers