Heart Tattoo Ideas: 40 templates for women and men

Do you want to get a heart tattoo? How do you find the desired tattoo idea? At least you should think of our proposal, not?

The heart is one of the most popular tattoo motives par excellence and not without a good reason. Stars and hearts are popular with both sexes and all ages. Are you surprised? Maybe you think the heart motifs are horribly cute and only suitable for cute girls? Wrong!

Honestly, we also had a similar attitude about it before putting together the following picture gallery. Now we know that heart tattoos are so versatile that there is something for every taste. convince yourself!

Cool heart tattoo ideas for him and her

heart tattoo template tattoo motifs heart roses sweetheart

Often, heart tattoos are tattooed with wings. These are a symbol of freedom. A heart with wings, decorated with ornaments and roses, is indeed a very popular motif that never goes out of style.

Heart shaped castle with roses and keys around

heart tattoo lock colored tattoos body part leg

Did you think we only mean cute tattoo hearts? No, the heart as part of the body is not uncommonly stung on the human skin. Look how the anatomical heart looks like a joint tattoo.

The heart as an anatomical organ

wrist tattoo heart human anatomy

The name of the lover tattooed in heart shape

forearm heart tattoo motifs name

Music fans prefer hearts like this below

wrist tattoo heart music notes

The key to the heart

wrist tattoo heart door lock and key

Henna Tattoo - heart with ornaments in oriental style

henna tattoo heart hand ornaments

Clean lines and minimalist style

heart tattoo motifs heart wrist

A broken heart is also often a wrist tattoo

wrist tattoo heart tattoo sayings love

If the family is everything for you

wrist tattoo heart tattoo sayings family

A declaration of love to the mother

arm tattoo motifs heart roses

An original tattoo motive with hearts, also for the men

upper arm tattoo heart tattoo images inspiration

Arm tattoo motifs with heart lock

arm tattoo templates tattoo heart

Similar tattoo motives in color

tattoo motifs heart castle arm tattoos roses

Pearl necklace with pendant in heart shape immortalized on the back

tattoo motifs heart pearl necklace heart necklace pendant

Jewelry for your skin

3d tattoo motifs heart pendant

Heart with owl - two super popular tattoo motifs

tattoo motifs heart owl tattoo images

Do not close your heart!

tattoo heart door lock without key

Give your heart wings and let it be free!

tattoo motifs heart wings on neck plain elegant

Heart with wings, wrapped in wire

back tattoo motifs heart with wings wire

Love and faith are the foundations of life

back tattoo motifs heart cross

Heart with a key as two puzzle pieces

back tattoo motifs heart lock keyring puzzle pieces

How does your heart beat?

tattoo motifs heartline line tattoo sayings

The heart as a repetitive element

back tattoo motifs heart birds geometric elements colored

As a symbol of eternal love

tattoo motifs heart eternal love tattoos with names

Heart tattoo on the neck

tattoo motifs heart with wings red

Filigree heart on the forearm

forearm tattoo motifs heart red pixel

Skull, bones and ... heart

tattoo motifs heart skull skull bone

Leg Tattoo motifs in heart shape

tattoo motifs leg heart skull

The most important part of the body in the human organism

tattoo motifs leg tatoo hearts human anatomy

What does a real heart look like?

tattoo motifs heart biomechanical tattoos

... and which are its components?

tattoo motifs heart human anatomy tattoos

Tattoo hearts for strong men

tattoo motifs heart arm tattoos

And heart tattoos for ladies

tattoo motifs leg tattoo hearts women tattoos

Show what matters to you

tattoo motifs leg tattoo heart music

Colored heart tattoo

tattoo motifs heart with wings colored

fire and flame

tattoo motifs heart roses vase fire blood

Elegant heart motifs for ladies

tattoo motifs leg tattoo hearts tattoo ideas

Love is…

tattoo pictures sayings hearts tattoo on the leg

Express your feelings!

tattoo motifs heart with wings

After seeing this wide range of tattoo designs, determine the style and look of your next tattoo and get tattooed. If you would like to see more motifs and tattoo ideas, then take a look at our ample tattoo category.