Tattoo Stars – 49 unique, trendy ideas for tattoos

Would you like to get your body tattooed? Many people opt for it. It's your turn now! The question is, exactly where you want to position the tattoo on the body. Here we give you useful information about it. Take your time and make the right decision.

 In the beginning you should choose your tattoo, which has special meaning for you and expresses your personality.

Pick a theme that will keep you happy after many years. Very often, people do not think about your choice properly and attentively, and then they only regret it. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the perfect tattoo for yourself.

Tattoo stars

Tattoo star back neck

Pain is the first factor

Body parts that are not as sensitive to pain

  1. For men - abdomen, spine, chest
  2. For women - ankles, spine, ribcage

Pain-sensitive parts of the body

  1. For men - buttocks, arms, back
  2. For women - belly, butt, thighs, shoulder

The tattoo stars are very popular and popular at the moment as they symbolize the infinity of the universe. That's why we have compiled some thematic tattoo pictures for you.

Stars and wings

Tattoo star pictures template meaning artful

pentagram And starfish are also quite popular and symbolize hope, protection and security.

The five-star represents different views for ups and downs. The down facing Drudenfuß is seen as a diabolical sign. Otherwise, you accept it as a symbol of protection and balance.

Just as the starry sky is used as navigation at night, sailors can be tattooed starfish and believe in the security that they are to ensure them.

Nowadays, many people are very fond of tattoos with stars and often choose shooting stars of different shapes and sizes. Above all, the stars look very cute and beautiful. The shooting stars catch the moment and leave a special impression ...

The whole solar system

Tattoo star solar system

 The tattoo should reflect your individuality

Take a look at the latest tattoo magazines and see the unique examples shown there. Aside from the design you get tattooed, people will see it as a reflection of their own personality.

The moon with the stars

Tattoo star images template meaning back

A heart decorated with stars

Tattoo shape tender ladies star heart

 Wrist star tattoo

Tattoo wrist star pictures template meaning

Behind the ear

Tattoo three star pictures template meaning behind ear

Delicate idea

Tattoo star pictures template meaning ear

At the shoulder

Tattoo sky star moon pictures

At the foot

Tattoo star ladies foot

Another similar idea

Tattoo picture template star foot ladies

Cute ladies tattoo with stars on the finger

Tattoo nail polish red star pictures template meaning finger

Best friends

Tattoo best friends star pictures template meaning feet

Very simple and elegant

Tattoos with stars foot black ladies

arm tattoo star ideas tattoo

tattoo small small big

leg tattoo star moon fairy

blue moon star tattoo on shoulder

Letter three stars tattoo on the back

colorful maritime stars tattoos ideas

colorful star tattoo ideas on arm

three stars tattoo on the neck pink black

Three star tattoo on shoulder

five star tatoo stars men tattoo idea

foot tattoo stars small tattoo

big star tattoo ideas behind ear

wrist star tattoo idea

small star wrist tattoo ideas

tattoo small star tattoo on the neck

small star tattoos on the ankle

small tattoo star damask tattoo

red blue stars tattoo ideas

beautiful tattoo stars tattoo on the belly

Star tattoo on the wrist

star tattoo on ear women tattoo

star tattoo idea woman tattoo on belly and cross

Star tattoo ideas on the wrist

handtattoo stars clouds colorful

star tattoo in the ear

Star tattoo and skull on the foot

star tattoos wrist

star tattoo template on the foot

star tattoo cube shoulder

Sternschnuppen tattoo idea on the foot

tattoo star on the shoulder

tattoo stars on leg tattoo ideas

tattoo stars women on the neck

tattoo star with yin yang symbol

tatto's ideas on the wrist star tattoo