Build your own wine rack – 25 creative ideas

wine rack small compartments painted in a cupboard

Build your own wine rack and check your skills


Do you like to drink wine? I must confess here that my glass of wine has become a tradition in the evening. To escape the stress and the hectic, I do not always succeed with positive thinking. Sometimes I just do not need to think, to keep my head empty and enjoy a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace.

Often I invite friends for a glass of wine and we spend relaxing time talking and laughing. Maybe you have already noticed that my well-being is a priority for me. I like to enjoy the pleasure of life. And I do all this with finesse. That's why I'm a bit pedantic when I want to realize new interior design ideas. I let myself think and plan everything without pressure. Do not we have enough stress all day ?!

Keep the wine in style

weinregal diy creatively adapt the cabinet


But enough about me! This is about the topic Build a wine rack yourself. Now is the time to test your skills. Can you do it alone at home without help? You will surely see that it is not difficult to do such a DIY project. Your attention is drawn to my idea of ​​how to do this.

DIY project

Wine rack diy pictures instructions

Realize your DIY project with paint cans. Just put and glue these next to each other.

Wine rack yourself build glass surface

Who says that rainwater can only flow off in painted downpipes? Wine, sparkling wine and other drinks bottles can be wonderfully stored in it - and well sorted and space-saving.

Wine rack itself build from plywood

wine rack yourself build wood holes adjust

This wine rack has a visual effect for an open space. You can also paint it in a popular color.

wine rack yourself build diy wooden

If you are a connoisseur of sparkling wines then this is the next DIY wine rack for you! You only need old wood and screws. Take a look at my other pictures below and be inspired!

The barrel with hidden storage room

wine rack yourself build diy out of barrel

Purple cabinet with versatile compartments

bookshelf transformed into wine rack self build mounted on cabinet

Integrated in the hallway

wine rack yourself transform drawers from the cabinet

Space-saving design on the part of the cabinet

build wine rack yourself mounted on the cabinet

Transform the drawers

wine rack diy transform the drawers

Mix steel and wood

wine rack build yourself from steel and wood

The hacking effect

build your own wine rack chopping effect

Two-tone wooden lattice

wine rack yourself build stylish wooden

Organizational system on the wall

wine rack organization itself wood

Rustic wine rack on the wall

Wine rack yourself build diy wood

The ship steering wheel effect

Wine rack self build ship steering wheel

Build your own wine rack - above the fridge

wine rack build itself over the fridge

Stylish wall art

Wine rack yourself build wooden frame on the wall

Store under the side table

wine rack build yourself lovely serving tableTucked in the tree

build your own wine rack from the tree

Use of film tapewine rack diy use of film tapeDesign with metal sheetswine rack diy wood and tin

Wall of wine rack

Wine rack diy mounted on the wall

 Innovative like robots

Wine rack robot composition