Making jewelry stands yourself – DIY ideas for jewelry storage

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Jewelery Storage - How to make a jewelery stand yourself?

Women love bling-bling, and every fashion-conscious woman has lots of trinkets for every occasion - every piece of clothing. Where are these, but if you're in a hurry to get your work done in the morning or get dressed up on Friday night? This is what every woman who can not find the matching earrings asks, not because she did not buy it, but because these earrings are hidden somewhere among the other couples.

Honestly that annoys and can spoil the mood and thus the whole day. Did that happen to you?

Know how easy you could get your jewelry in order, so you can keep track of it. We have a clever and cheap crafting idea for you that you could realize without much effort. Maybe you want one Make jewelry stand yourself?

Make jewelry storage yourself - creative craft ideas

storage for jewelry DIY ideas jewelry stand build yourself

Making a jewelry holder out of everyday objects, such as hangers, an old shabby drawer and etc., is really fun. And actually, very unique and charming possibilities for jewelry storage can arise from it.

Homemade jewelry holders will also contribute to your wall design. Take a look at how interesting, creative and practical the following crafting ideas are. Get inspiration from it and then get started! We hope you enjoy the realization of your own project!

 Cover old picture frames with patterned fabric and then hang your earrings. You still need tacks for the chains

jewelery box make yourself a picture frame

A jewelry holder made of wooden frame and wire

making jewelry stand DIY jewelry making jewelery box DIY

Make jewelry box yourself - Customize an old wooden cabinet

Make yourself jewelry stand diy jewelry storage

Ornate picture frame and lace - simple and effective

keep earrings jewelry stand make diy ideas picture frame lace

Small door knocker with hanging earrings

make jewelry stand craft ideas earrings storage wall hacken deko

An original coat hook as a creative jewelry holder in use

keep earrings ideas jewelry stand make yourself

 The towel dryer already has a new purpose. With hoes on it keeps all the chains

chains jewelery store jewelry storage ideas towel dryer

A toasted garden tool in action

Keep chains jewelry stand make diy ideas fork yourself

Jewelry stand for bracelets

keep your bracelets wooden bracelets yourself making diy ideas

Do not throw away empty glass bottles

keep bracelets jewelry stand make DIY ideas

Hanger as jewelry storage idea

keep earrings jewelry stand yourself make diy ideas hangers

Dye the old grater and hang up your earrings

Storage for Jewelry DIY Ideas Grater

Make jewelry storage yourself

Keep jewelry ideas making jewelry stand yourself

Practical and decorative jewelry holder

keep chains earrings make jewelry stand yourself

Rings in an egg wrap

keep rings jewelry stand make diy ideas egg packaging

You can also make a jewelry box for your rings yourself - as you will learn from the video below

keep rings jewelry stand make diy ideas pink decorative box crafts

Rings arranged in a box of chocolates

keep rings jewelry stand make candy box order

Do you bake cakes less and less often? Make the baking tin for use

jewelry store ideas jewelry storage bakeware

Cute glasses actually for sweets

Storage for jewelry DIY candy store glasses

Keep jewelry - alternative ideas

making jewelery yourself making jewelery

A drawer repainted and hung on the wall

Make your own jewelry making jewelry box

Wooden drawer with many compartments and screwed-in hooks

jewelry box jewelry stand make your own jewelry store jewelry

Store and organize jewelery

storage for jewelry diy ideas chains earrings rings keep

Red frames of different shape

make yourself jewelry stand made of cord picture frame red

Frame in gold, covered with net

make jewelry stand yourself craft ideas picture frame walk-in closet

Bath towel hook and dryer

Make yourself jewelry holder diy jewelry storage wall decoration

Addition to the wall design

jewelry stand make your own craft jewelry storage

Build jewelry stands yourself - ideas for fashion-conscious and creative women

make jewelry stand yourself diy ideas jewelry storage

How you could make jewelry storage yourself, many bloggers explain in the YouTube. In the following two videos we've selected, you'll learn how to easily craft a cork jewelry stand and clever ring storage. Have fun!

Do you also want to make a bracelet holder, click here and follow the introduction.