Redesign old furniture and spice it up in a great way

old furniture reshape diy projects

Achieve wonderful new look by redesigning the old furniture


 Garages and flea markets, but also our own cellars and the apartments of grandparents and parents are often full of great old furniture. They are retro style or sometimes have a rather universal design.

It is enough only that they are redesigned or, if necessary, restored and inserted into the new, very modern ambience.

Do you allow us to share some basic tips for the redesign of the old furniture? They are based on our experience of doing wonders out of old things with a few simple tricks.

Remodel old furniture

old furniture reshape wooden boxes shelves color

Too many vintage details sometimes have to go away

Vintage is a style that is loved by so many people. But others do not like him at all and may even perceive him as repugnant. If you belong to the second group and yet have many old furniture made of precious materials, then you have other alternatives. With foils and colors you could give the old pieces of wood a very current look. Caution is required when it comes to rare pieces.

Vintage furniture in the modern interior

redecorate old furniture repaint old wooden stool

If you have a side table that can be found everywhere on the flea market, then it has no great value. It would not be so bad to transform it. If it is rare for details, you should check if it would not be worth it to sell it at a high price.

Living room furniture and coffee tables in retro style

old furniture redesign coffee table wood build yourself

The rocking chair of the grandma

Did you want to spend more and more time in the rocking chair of your grandmother? Maybe you have this chance, but the steel somehow does not match your interior design any more. Or is it? With a new modern color and upholstery you can achieve a great effect. These should correspond with the remaining equipment. The retro shape would then enroll almost in any ambience.

Breathe new life into the old rocking chair

redesign old furniture redecorate rocking chair

Renew surfaces of the dressers

Old chests of drawers should not be confused with their classic design features. But you can also look modern. Take the playfulness of the drawers and give them a more modern face. That can be done simply by new painting. Also consider patterning and all-new colors that better integrate into the ambience.

Use bright color accents

 old furniture redesign wood dresser restore yellow

New fresh painting

old furniture restore old furniture redesign furniture retro

The pastel shades have a delicate aura

restoring old furniture to restore wood dresser

 Combine a neutral color with gold accents

redecorate old furniture wood dresser paint

 Geometric figures in color

remodel old furniture wood dresser insert color accents

 Better than new

remodel old furniture wood dresser spice up color accents


When you restore old furniture, there are some basic rules that you should follow. In the first place you should respect the old character of the furniture. No matter how much you renew and work on it, age usually radiates through forms or other aspects. You should therefore choose a color or paint that is modern and has some relation to the original style. For example, orange. The shading is modern and has a relation to the vintage spirit. So she would be a great choice. At the moment you can also choose from many different shades at Orange.

Give the old wooden chairs a special character

refurbish old furniture redesign wooden stools colored

Alternatively, you might be looking for a contrast between modernity of color and antiquity of form. Thus, you also give the latter a great importance.

Restore your old furniture

Restore old furniture Restore living room furniture

Color wood furniture in bold shades

Often one rejects this possibility when it comes to the renewal of old wooden furniture. Because you are used to putting the natural color of this material on a completely new level. But if you already have plenty of it, you could afford this playful aspect as well. A cushion or modern-looking accessories on it, would provide an excellent finish.

Bring powerful colors into play

remodel old furniture remodel yellow

 And create interesting patterns

remodel old furniture wood dresser spice up flower design

Make open shelves from old pieces of furniture

Restoring old furniture can also be done by only getting part of it. Old wardrobes often have dilapidated doors, but at the same time they are quite safe inside. Remove the broken or rotted parts and paint the insides. Enjoy your new open shelves.

Hallway furniture with retro design

old furniture restore old furniture redesign hallway furniture wardrobe

Give the old bed a new life

Old bed designs often have beautiful frames, but old and healthy mechanisms. New bedding and mattresses, as well as new chic linens and duvets but could do wonders.

The bedroom furniture will miss new look

old furniture reshape bed and bedside table wood

A chic vintage dresser

old furniture reshape wood dressers restore colonial style

Refresh Retr wooden chests of color

old furniture redesign wood dressers retro design

Old becomes new

old furniture reshape wood furniture corridor set up

 Wardrobe with deer print

redecorate old furniture redecorate wood cabinet

Clearly the vintage style is trendy

old furniture reshape wood vintage furniture

 Building a suitcase chair yourself – creative DIY projects

old furniture reshape suitcase armchair self build throw pillow

 Side table with casters – all you need is a wooden box

old furniture reshape bookcase wood on rolls

Tinker open shelf from three drawers

old furniture reshape shelf of wood drawers

Table lamp With linen lampshade in country style

old furniture redesign table lamp old drawers

Tinker wooden table with glass pane from the old piano

old furniture restore old furniture reshape piano table glass top

The tables from old Singer sewing machines are very popular

  old furniture restore old furniture reshape sewing machine table

Another interesting example

old furniture restore old furniture reshape sewing machine table wood panels

Use the old wooden door as a table top

old furniture restore old furniture redesign table old door