Wedding Guest Book – 20 ideas for creative wedding memories

Keep beautiful memories in a wedding guest book

Do you want to celebrate your wedding day soon? How much time and effort has the preparation taken so far? And how much do you still have to invest in it? Surely you have given yourself a lot to organize a great party.

Unfortunately, there is a danger that many of the beautiful moments will somehow be forgotten. That can not be, because at the wedding there are so many things that could warm your heart for a long time. This is your first dance in life as a couple, the wild celebration, the greetings of friends, relatives and all the beloved people ... Who does not want to keep reminding himself?

Creative ideas for the wedding guestbook

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A video and beautiful pictures are a good start. However, they are not enough to remind you of what the guests felt in their souls and hearts. To fill this "gap" in the memory, one could tinker a wedding diary.

In order for it to fulfill its important role, it must then be prepared accordingly very well.

Especially here we would like to help you with a few practical tips.

The different alternatives for wedding guestbooks

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You can buy the wedding guestbook or make it yourself. There are many different possibilities. In the end, it's important that it works just for your personal party. You can achieve this by simply customizing a purchased diary or by making one yourself.

There are still many modern alternatives. You can create an electronic journal and guests can fill it out after the wedding.

Make a pin board as a guest book for your wedding

Guestbook wedding wedding ideas wedding guestbook

Some design the guest diary in the form of a pin board or paint a tree whose branches may decorate the guests with beautiful messages. You will find many more ideas in our pictures below and in the net and we recommend that you take a closer look at as many as possible to find the very best for your case.

Space for all important things

Guest book wedding wedding guest book wedding ideas

In the design of Wedding guestbook It is important that you leave free space for all the important elements of the welcome. Some are afraid of the white sheet, other guests like to write different long messages. Leave enough space for all of these.

It is also important that you also leave enough space for pictures. These always contain additional great information about the moments, which you do not want to ignore.

Help the guests to formulate their message

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You can offer your guests some help with creative wedding guestbook design. It can come in the form of various questions. Write down what your friends and relatives think of your marriage and encourage them to share some tips for happy living in twos.

Ask some provocative questions to make your wedding party even funnier.

Some people prefer to express themselves with pictures, symbols and drawings. Prepare the necessary writing utensils to help you accomplish this task.

The original guest book idea provides additional positive memories

Guestbook wedding fashion wedding guestbook

The wedding guestbook should be appropriate to the entire wedding look

Guestbook wedding wedding ideas wedding guestbook

Use the initial letter of your common family as a wedding guest book

Guestbook wedding ideas wedding guestbook

In the first place, the wedding guestbook should be something very special

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The guestbook should be creative and create positive feelings

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Try to organize your wedding in an original and interesting way

Wedding Ideas Guest Book Wedding Ideas

Cover the guest tree with fingerprints

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Distribute a personal wedding guest card per family

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Personalize your wedding diary

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Interesting guestbook in the form of a puzzle

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Set up the guest book place thematically

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Send a postcard as a wedding reminder

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A romantic guestbook design

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