Christmas crafting ideas for a magically decorated home

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Great Christmas crafting ideas and design tips that speak for themselves


The big Christmas is getting closer and closer. The weather is bad and you do not like to go out. So, do you have a pleasant and practical idea on how to spend your time at home? We want to give you a tip: In any case, consider realizing some Christmas crafting ideas!

Imagine the combination of these actions together with the fire and soft Christmas music. Enchanting, right? If you have children as well, making such Christmas ideas will certainly help you get closer in a wonderful way.

What does it mean that the Christmas crafting ideas speak for themselves?

     crafting christmas advent christmas decorations acorn felt cotton wool

Not all people like to read and hear instructions. These confuse you and leave many with the feeling that they are extremely complicated actions. Everything seems a lot harder than it actually is.

That's why many people do not like Christmas crafting ideas. The examples of Christmas crafting ideas and design tips of today are not ones that require explaining. One can find out by pure observation how they are actually created. That's why we said they speak for themselves.

Do you also want to deal with these up close? Even watching alone is worth it. Because they are just nice to enjoy.

Great Christmas crafting ideas with edible products

Christmas crafts decoration ideas strawberries tartlets resized

Are you a person who just does not like the waste? You would like to have everything used? You just want to decorate your house with Christmas shutters, which will not get into the garbage? Experiment with decoration that goes on the table! No matter how bad it seems to you, you will end up eating everything! It is always like this. These goodies here are so festive. All elements are edible - strawberries. Cream and cake pieces!

Christmas crafts with natural materials

Christmas crafts deco ideas walnuts gold resized

For this you can spice up the peanuts with cooking color so nice. After Christmas they can be eaten again. You can hang on the tree throughout the Advent season. Because they are not spoiled.

What can you use?

Christmas decorations deco ideas acorn decoration with candles resized

The same applies to the great nuts that have been used here for the decorative Christmas crafting idea.

Homemade candles

Christmas decorations deco ideas acorn candles resized

Very popular are the Christmas cake ideas with candles. Here are two such examples. One of them makes candles out of the nuts and the other one fills a glass, which also has candles in the middle.

Christmas crafting ideas and design tips that spice up the overall ambience

Christmas crafts deco ideas wall decoration resized

Do you have to say something special about this? The postcards are hanging on the wall with straight long bows in green and red - the main colors of Christmas. So put out old and new postcards, which you got for the festivals.

Crafting tips with Christmas balls

Christmas crafts deco ideas Christmas ball resized

Do you have a number of great Christmas balls that for one reason or another do not come to the Christmas tree? Maybe you want to have only one real tree in the living room and in the other - such settlements. A rack like this you could buy and the rest of this Christmas cake idea goes without saying, right?

Garlands and decorations for Christmas

Christmas crafts deco ideas garland crafts resized

Let's not forget that sometimes very "simple" looking ideas are just gorgeous. Why do you have to omit them from the "repertoire" just because they are not quite fashionable? They are timeless and are wonderful in every ambience, we think!

We wish you many pleasant hours in your preparation for the coming party!

Make Christmas decorations made of felt

crafting christmas advent wreath crafting felt deer

Use original everyday objects

craft christmas adventskranz tinker skate

What are you doing with your old skates?

craft christmas adventskranz tinker skates red

Edible door wreath for Christmas crafts

craft ideas christmas advent wreath pictures cookies starlets

Candlestick for a romantic atmosphere

  crafting ideas christmas crafting glasses mason jars heart

Funny craft ideas that promote your creativity

crafting ideas christmas crafting tips mason jars snowman

Miniature Christmas trees in mason jars

crafting ideas christmas crafting ideas mason jars fir trees

Convert old bulbs into snowman

crafting christmas crafting ideas lightbulbs snowman

Make a small decorative Christmas tree - how does it work?

crafting ideas christmas decorative christmas tree crafting christmas

Made of fabric or paper strips - the choice is yours

craft ideas christmas decorative christmas tree decoration ideas

Santa Claus is here!

craft ideas christmas mason jar snowman crafts

A cute female deer as a wall decoration

crafting christmas deer crafting wall decoration

Christmas cookies for a festive mood

crafting christmas gingerbread cookies snowman

Four white Advent candles

crafting christmas pinecone decoration with candles

Simple crafting ideas - pine cones with bow

craft ideas christmas pinecone ribbon christmas decorations

Tinker festive table decoration

craft ideas christmas table decoration ideas candles coniferous climentines

Tinker advent calendar yourself - clothes peg in use

craft ideas christmas clothespin advent calendar gift ideas

Tinker asterisks and Christmas balls of colored paper

  crafting ideas christmas christmas tree ornaments balls asterisks

Reshape the old Christmas balls

decorating christmas christmas balls

Make a snowman out of two white balls

crafting christmas christmas balls making snowman

Craft decorative stars from pattern fabric

tinker with paper stars Christmas crafts Christmas bastels

Ping-pong balls or white Christmas balls - these are alive

tastelt christmas crafting ideas snowman glass balls

Stumps also with face

crafting christmas stumps christmas crafts

Pine cones in the flowerpot

christmas tinsel christmas pine cone

Arrange acorns in a circle and glue them with a hot gun

Christmas decorations ideas Christmas tree

Thematic wall decoration in green-red

Christmas decorations christmas decorations wall decoration ideas

Decorate wine glasses for Christmas

crafting tips christmas wine glasses crafting ideas snowman

A funny crafting idea, even if you no longer believe in Santa Claus

tastelt christmas wine glasses tinker snowman

Why can you use the old mason jars? Below you will find some interesting ideas

mason jars ideas christmas decorating christmas decorations

As a candlestick

make-up glass tealights christmas craft ideas christmas decoration crafts

As colored vases for artificial flowers

colored mason jars decor ideas christmas decorating christmas decorations

Refresh the old Christmas balls in color

christmas bauble ideas christmas decorations

Did you also think of the festive table decoration? - Knitted Christmas socks as cutlery bags

festive table decoration ideas christmas decorating ideas satchel socks

Gift ideas for the excellent housewife - cooking glove full of kitchen accessories

cooking glove crafting christmas crafting christmas

Transparent Christmas balls that you can fill according to your choice

christmas crafts tinker transparent balls

Window decoration that makes your home look happier

christmas tinkering christmas decoration craft window decoration

Guess what this penguin was made of - from a light bulb, of course. The shape fits perfectly!

christmas tinker christmas decoration tinker penguin lightbulb

The transparent Christmas balls can not only fill you, but also paint

tinker christmas decorations make transparent balls

Which variant do you like best?

christmas decorations christmas ideas ideas transparent balls

Express your Christmas wishes creatively

Christmas crafts Christmas cards crafting materials

Make Christmas cards - you only need colored paper and cardboard

christmas crafting christmas cards crafts fir colored paper

Brighten up your Christmas crafting ideas

christmas decorations acorns shiny christmas decoration ideas

Tasty, right? No, that's not for dinner

christmas decorations christmas balls pink tartlets

Ice cream cups as green Christmas trees

christmas cake ideas gingerbread sunday firs

Tart-baking is just part of every feast, right?

christmas cake ideas gingerbread snowman tartlet

Tasty also for the eye

christmas cake ideas gingerbread fir chocolate cake

The main thing, it shines!

christmas craft ideas christmas decoration christmas decoration crafting colored glasses

Christmas crafts with corks - door wreath

Weihnachtsbastelideen Weihnachtsbastelleien corken adventskranz

A Christmas deer

christmas cake ideas christmas cake cork deer

Male dressed in knit dresses

christmas cake ideas christmas cake corks male

Another deer - one of the Christmas symbols

Weihnachtsbastelideen Weihnachtsbastellei cork deer make yourself

With two buttons for eyes

Weihnachtsbastelideen Weihnachtsbastelleien with buttons Christmas balls

3D wall design with balls and wooden sticks

christmas decoration ideas christmas decoration ideas wall decoration ideas

Tannenbaum Wall Stickers

weihnachtsbastelideen weihnachtsdeko ideas wanddeko wandsticker

Colored mini figures for Christmas

christmas crafts ideas christmas decoration crafts deco christmas tree

Crafting with felt - simple, but very effective

christmas crafts christmas decoration crafts felt snowman

Crafting ideas for an impressive table decoration

christmas decoration christmas decorations craft candles glasses

The cute snowman Olaf

christmas crafts christmas decoration crafts snowman olaf

Christmas crafts with pine cones

Christmas crafts Christmas decorations make pine cones

Pine cones in a glass sphere

christmas decorations christmas decoration crafts pine cones metal stand

Christmas gift ideas and impressive table decoration

christmas crafts ideas christmas decoration crafts table decoration ideas

Napkin rings in the shape of snowflakes

christmas crafting ideas christmas decoration crafts table decoration napkin ring

Stylish decoration ideas for DIY

Christmas crafting ideas Christmas decorating Christmas decorating

Christmas craft ideas with colored buttons

christmas crafts ideas christmas decoration crafts christmas decorations with buttons

Christmas decorations in green-red-white

weihnachtsbastelideen christmas decoration crafts christmas decorations wall decoration

Decorative Christmas trees made of cardboard in green

christmas crafts ideas christmas decoration craft christmas tree cardboard

Shining in the traditional Christmas colors

christmas crafts christmas decoration craft christmas tree cardboard wooden stand

How do you make a Christmas tree from pine cones?

Christmas decoration Christmas decoration Christmas tree pinecone

Bake cookies and paint the flowerpots nicely

christmas crafts christmas decoration crafting indoor plants potted plants

A romantic Christmas cake idea

weihnachtsbastelideen weihnachtsdeko make your own candle

weihnachtsbastelideen weihnachtsdeko tinker candle cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sticks around the candles

christmas crafts christmas decoration crafts candles cinnamon sticks

A handful of shiny acorns

christmas bauble ideas christmas balls acorns shiny christmas decoration ideas

The ninja turtles

christmas baubelideen christmas balls green turtles turtles

Throw Pillow for Christmas - Let it snow!

christmas bastelleien holz weihnachtsbastelideen Throw pillow print

If you also print pieces of wood, that is also possible

Weihnachtsbastelleien wood christmas baubelideen schneeflöckchen

Ho Ho Ho! - Also decorate your front yard / entrance area

Weihnachtsbastelleien holz christmas tinker adventskalender modern

A super creative advent calendar

christmas decorations wood christmas crafts snowman advent calendar

Wall decoration in the form of a fir with chains of light and Christmas baubles

Christmas decorations wood Christmas tree wall decoration

Make Christmas decorations yourself

christmas decorations cardboard decor lace christmas decorations

Fold newsprint and create poinsettias

christmas decorations christmas decorations craft paper folding

Made of colored ribbons and with only one button

Weihnachtsbastelleien Weihnachtsdeko tinker Sternchen

From tart paper and twine

Weihnachtsbastelleien weihnachtsdeko tinker fir colored tartchenpapier

Decorate clothespin

Weihnachtsbastelleien weihnachtsdeko tinker clothespin

Make advent wreath out of clothespins

Weihnachtsbastelleien weihnachtsdeko tinker clothespin adventskranz

Tinker mini-tree from fabric ribbons - crafting instructions in pictures below

Christmas decorations Christmas decoration Christmas tree

Other craft ideas

Christmas decorations Christmas decorations Christmas tree ideas

Christmas tree balls in silver and red

Christmas decorations Christmas decoration Christmas tree balls

Delight your loved ones with little gift ideas

christmas baubelleien christmas cards crafts dekoideen christmas

Christmas is in the air! - show your feelings

christmas baubelleien christmas cards crafts merry christmas

Christmas wishes wholeheartedly

christmas baubelleien christmas cards craft gift ideas christmas

Tinker with paper - loving Santa Claus

christmas baubelleien christmas cards crafts snowman

Christmas crafts made easy

christmas baubelleien christmas cards crafts fir colored paper stamp

Christmas crafts with children

christmas baubelleien christmas cards crafts fir colored paper stripes

Make simple but original Christmas cards

christmas baubelleien christmas cards crafts fir newsprint

What a great Advent calendar? Do not you mean it?

christmas baubelleien christmas card crafts christmas santa advent calendar

Christmas crafts with bottles

christmas decoration bottles christmas crafts christmas decorations

The snowman, Santa Claus and one of his Christmas deer

Christmas decoration with bottles Christmas decorations Christmas decorations ideas

Crafting is really fun!

Santa Claus bottles Christmas crafts ideas Christmas decorations

Merry Christmas!

santa claus bottles christmas baubeln weihnachtsdeko ideas