Creative crafting ideas with records that are easy to realize

Vinyl records, handicrafts ideas and DIY projects

Great, classic crafting ideas with Schalplatten


Do you understand what we mean by "classical music among the vinyl crafting ideas"? The reuse of old objects has meanwhile evolved considerably. Some ideas already established themselves as classic. There are already many instructions in the network.

Creative craft ideas in the kitchen

Records Craft Ideas kitchen utensils make diy projects

There are some record crafting ideas that we think everyone should know. After mastering these, it would be much easier for you to develop your own and very original ideas.

Records craft ideas

Vinyl Craft Ideas Cats Deko Make DIY Projects

DIY jewelry stand from an old record 

Vinyl records crafting ideas peace symbols decoration projects

An exceptional handbag

Vinyl Craft Bags yourself make diy projects

A fruit peel

A fruit bowl can be wonderfully crafted from your old records. Follow the ideas available on the internet! The chic color, they are ideal in any interior design.

Form the record as a bowl

Vinyl records craft ideas fruit bowl itself make diy projects

A DIY wall clock

Meanwhile, the vinyl crafting ideas for the wall are also classic. For example, you can make great watches out of it. Again, the black ensures easy integration in the design.

A creative wall clock

Vinyl records crafting wall clock make diy projects

A DIY wine rack

This project is a bit more complicated compared to the record ideas just described. For that you need more time and skill.

An aesthetic solution for the wine bottles

Records craft ideas diy projects wine rack

DIY wine rack for 3 wine bottles

Records craft ideas weinregal make DIY projects

Coasters and beer mats

Let us return to simplicity. To do this, cut out the middle of the formwork panels. From this you can make wonderful coasters. So, while enjoying your drink, you will always remember your favorite music. That's great, right?


A notebook must be original and interesting. In this case, it will be opened! The work must be made exciting and interesting by all means possible. Do you agree? For this reason, record crafting ideas for notebook covers are very popular.

Making a book cover from records yourself

Vinyl records bookbinding make diy projects

Organizer and shelves

In the net you will also discover many shelf and organizer record crafting ideas. They can serve as wall shelves or separate the different thematic areas in your library.

Organize your bookshelf alphabetically 

Number records crafting ideas bookshelf

Bookends from 2 records

Records craft ideas bookends diy projects

Chic side table 

bedside table itself build records craft ideas diy projects

And there is no trace of disorder

Creative crafting ideas from records DIY projects

Even the CD's are arranged

Vinyl records crafting ideas cd holder diy projects

Create works of art from old records

Vinyl records crafting ideas decorative flowers diy projects

Underneath is an abstract work of art

creative craft ideas from records

DIY chandelier from CD's and records

Records craft ideas diy projects chandelier

Original holder for business cards

Vinyl records crafting ideas holder make DIY projects

Creative wall shelf for magazines

Vinyl records craft ideas wall shelf for magazines diy projects