Crafting ideas for Christmas – decorate your home discreetly

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Decent crafting ideas for Christmas

You want to decorate your home for Christmas? You want to be busy at this magical party? You certainly like the family atmosphere and everything that goes with it. But you want to have it discreet and not overwhelming. Is that so?

You want to reach this mood, in which already the things have a festive aura, but by no means too sweet.

If this is your case, then we have selected the perfect crafting ideas for you for Christmas.

For some people, they may seem too simple. But that certainly does not apply to people like you, who discover the charm in the little things.

Hanger for crafting ideas for Christmas use

Red clad hangers

craft ideas for christmas red gold

If you have beautiful, vintage-looking hangers like this, then you can bring them to their best with a bit of matching red and yellow decoration. That is how it was done here. The hangers are wrapped in radiant red wrapping paper materials. Also hung some Christmas balls in matching shades.

Hangers with grass and rosehips

craft ideas christmas hanger metal

Moss, conifer branches, rosehips - all these are things that spread a wonderful atmosphere. They have brought out the appropriate shades in front of the white wall. Nothing is Christmas in itself. But by the nuances and the element of hanging are such crafting ideas for Christmas implicitly for the spirit of the festival.

Decent crafting ideas for Christmas

The crafting ideas for Christmas, which we have shown you before, are more for the period before Advent. But go now as for the Christmas dinner itself.

Decent crafting ideas for Christmas - dinner

crafting christmas table decoration

 On this table here you have a nice round blanket, well decorated with conifer branches. On it you have glass cups, filled with red candles. They have a silver shine as well as the center piece in the middle, which houses the great Christmas balls. Some red balls are scattered on the table. It has actually brought quite a little material used. But at the same time you have achieved a really great effect.

Super creative ideas for dinner

craft ideas for christmas candles glasses

Again, it was very decent. The wine glasses were turned over and the typical green branches with red fruits were used there. The candles were then used in the bases. So playful and original are such crafting ideas for Christmas!

Christmas crafting ideas that look minimalist

Cones and Advent wreath as crafting ideas for Christmas

crafting ideas for christmas cones christmas tree

Such crafting ideas for Christmas can perfectly register in a minimalist ambience. The tree is not made of green needles, but of cones. At the window you have a green Advent wreath. Really great, discreet and friendly.

Paper stars on the wall as crafting ideas for Christmas

craft ideas for christmas wall tattoo

This is also a wonderful idea. So you would discreetly spice up a minimalist space! She's already Christmas enough. It does not look super original!

Decent rustic craft ideas for Christmas

Rustic crafting idea for Christmas

craft ideas for christmas rustic

Rural mood of a simple kind can be experienced here. That's how you have to be at the festival. It depends on the inner values. In addition, one thinks with such discreet designs necessarily to the delicious cake! How can you not look forward to the food!

Tinker with tin cans

craft ideas for christmas old cans

Christmas decoration with decoupage technique

craft ideas for christmas tree decorations decoupage

Build the Christmas tree yourself this year

craft ideas for christmas christmas tree

Original and environmentally friendly

craft ideas to christmas christmas tree old newspapers

Christmas balls with music paper

craft ideas for christmas transparent ball of note paper

Delicious Santa Claus from strawberries and cream

christmas ideas for christmas strawberries santa claus

Decorate old empty bottles as funny Christmas figures

craft ideas for christmas bottles

Where to go with the bottle caps?

craft ideas for christmas bottle cap snowmen

With sugar you can create a unique snow effect

craft ideas for christmas saccharified

Colorful, delicious layers in glass

craft ideas for christmas glass candies

Christmas decoration - purist and elegant at the same time

craft ideas for christmas glasses tealights

Funny reindeer made of corks

craft ideas for christmas deer corks

Design a Christmas tree from branches and decorate it to your own taste

craft ideas for christmas wood branches

All you need for this cute snowman is a glove, an old planter and some imagination

craft ideas for christmas ceramic pot hat

Turn over a pair of glasses, paint them with glass colors and your candlesticks are done

crafting ideas for christmas candlestick glasses

Many imaginative and original crafting ideas for Christmas

crafting christmas cork tree ornaments

It can be so easy and beautiful

craft ideas christmas artificial snow

Snowman on bottles with fairy lights, why not?

crafting christmas fairy lights bottle

Just awesome!

craft ideas for christmas fairy lights glasses

Mini Christmas trees from cones

craft ideas for Christmas mini Christmas trees

Classic and very elegant

crafting christmas coniferous red candles

Light bulbs turn great penguins into tree charms

craft ideas for christmas penguins

Use the quilling technique for your Christmas decoration

craft ideas christmas quilling

Dip the pretzel sticks into white chocolate and decorate with sugar sprinkles

craft ideas for christmas salt bars

What can you create from an old sock?

crafting christmas snowman sock

Simple ideas can look very cool

craft ideas christmas snowman christmas hat

From fabric remnants you can tinker wonderful Christmas tree decorations in no time

craft ideas christmas fabric striped ball

If you have enough tree trunk discs you build something nice

craft ideas for christmas turquoise

A delicious door wreath for Christmas

crafting christmas turquoise apples nuts cones

Wreath of shiny Christmas balls

crafting christmas turquoise christmas balls

Just a couple of candy canes and you're done

craft ideas for christmas donut candy canes

Felt can also be used to make a lot out

crafting ideas christmas christmas ball felt

Main thing glittering

craft ideas for christmas ornaments glitter

Christmas trees for real bookworms

crafting ideas for christmas christmas tree books

Craft with old buttons and sisal

craft christmas christmas tree buttons

The buttons can also be used a bit differently

crafting ideas for christmas christmas trees star buttons

The Christmas tree is different

craft ideas christmas christmas tree wood pictures

Some strips of music paper and you can easily tinker with a heart pendant

craft ideas for christmas christmas decorations paper

Cute reindeer and heart, and all just fingerprints

craft christmas christmas card deer fingerprints

You can also create reindeer from the peanut shells

craft christmas christmas cards

Very easy and very fast

craft christmas christmas holiday puristic

Without cinnamon sticks, Christmas simply can not happen

craft ideas christmas wind lights

Rosemary and red berries - simple and elegant

craft ideas christmas wind lights berries rosemary

Everything from nature

craft ideas for christmas cones rosehips

A petite Christmas tree made of cones

craft ideas Christmas cones Christmas tree

It's so easy to make some candy canes out of plastic beads

crafting christmas candy cane