44 DIY ideas with preserving jars that awaken creativity in one

DIY Ideas with Mason jars - Make your own deco yourself

We continue with our DIY proposals. Today we introduce you to a few craft ideas with preserving jars. We hope you enjoy them and make something really beautiful and fascinating, with which you can decorate your home beautifully or make it more functional.

DIY Ideas - Collect the pencils in preserving jars and bring order to the desk

diy ideas jars pencils store colored funny

DIY ideas with preserving jars and plants

diy ideas jars flower decoration ideas

Are you looking for unusual gift ideas? Or just cool DIY ideas, with which you pass the boredom and spend your free time pleasant? The decoration with preserving jars is said to be creative and unique. Let's examine that by looking at some DIY ideas Watch with preserving jars!

Find a new application for old objects while keeping the mood fresh

diy ideas mason jars terrarium crafting summery deco ideas

Certainly children will have a great time if you paint canning jars with them

diy ideas jars painting flowers colored

Make a vase from preserving jars

Everyone has some unusable canning jars in their home. If you are a creative person, you could find a meaningful use for them. Why are you painting, for example? not this? So you get beautiful vases in which you put flowers and spice up the interior design! Even at a wedding such flower vases could find beautiful application.

Romantic floral decoration in mason jar beautifies the wedding

diy ideas jars wedding deco flowers

Flower vases in fresh colors spread good mood and color

Diy Ideas Mason Jars Painting Flower Vase Diy

Create a cool chandelier and beautiful hanging lamps

Mason jars can also serve as a basis for creating hanging lamps and chandeliers. This results in excellent rustic chandeliers and industrial hanging lamps. So give the room a new and interesting look with attractive lights.

Rustic chandelier fits nicely in a rural interior

diy ideas mason jars fancy chandelier

Industrial chandelier with colored lights

diy ideas mason jars candlesticks creative tinkering

Give the room an industrial touch with such lamps

diy ideas canning jars light tinker

Fancy hanging lamp for the modern bedroom

diy ideas mason jars hanging lamp home decor bedroom

Tinker wall decoration

Decorating the walls is a very creative thing. Can you imagine a wall decoration with plants and flowers? Thanks to preserving jars and that such a decoration looks particularly striking.

Colored floral deco for the white wall

diy ideas mason jars wall decor flowers

Fix canning jars to the wall

diy ideas mason jars wall decorating stones plants

Candlesticks made of preserving jars

You can also use the preserving jars to put candles and tealights in them. Mason jars can therefore fulfill the role of candle holders, and of very attractive candleholders. If you can also sew, it would be wonderful if you put the jar in a crocheted robe!

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, turn the mason jar into a candle holder

creative crafts jars candle romatic

Also for Christmas you decorate with preserving jars

diy ideas jars candle crafting ideas

Crochet ideas for the mason jar

diy ideas mason jars dress up light craft

Unusual idea with heart

creative tinkering jars candles hearts


Mason jars create beautiful terrariums. Such a decoration will definitely bring the summer mood to your home.

Be creative and you could create terrific terrariums

make diy ideas jars of terrarium

plant containers

Mason jars are beautiful plant containers. They attract attention and arouse interest. This is a wonderful way to freshen up the room.

Succulents in Mason jars breed

diy ideas jars of deco plants

Garden decoration and garden lights

With mason jars you can also decorate the outdoor area. Home-made garden decoration makes the outdoor area unique. In addition, you could illuminate the garden in an attractive way if you make the garden lights from jars themselves.

Get fresh garden deco

diy ideas mason jars garden ideas flowers candles

Put the cool garden light between the flower pots

diy ideas mason jar garden lamp crafts

What else could you make of it?

Mason jars are not only used for decoration, but also for various useful things. Do you sometimes not know exactly where to collect the pencils or what kind of lamp to buy for your bedside table? Mason jars could also help in this case! Leave only your imagination more freedom and try something more! Certainly something great will be created!

Decorate the windowsill with preserving jars

creative asteln jars flower decorations ideas rustic windowsill

Very creative idea where to store your pencils

diy idea mason jar order pencils collecting

Did it occur to you that you can create soap dispensers from a mason jar?

DIY ideas mason jars soap dispensers functional craft ideas

You can also make lamps from preserving jars themselves

creative crafting mason jar lamp tinker

Leave a message on the mason jar

creative crafts jars decorating black green

Colored decor ideas for the windowsill

creative craft jars colored stroking floral decoration windowsill

Very simple decoration idea, but still stylish and fresh

creative craft jars jar flower vase tulips

Rustic lighting fixtures give the room its own charm

diy ideas jars hanging fancy chandelier

Hang industrial pendant lamps

diy ideas mason jars candlestick living ideas

Hanging canning jars in the garden

diy ideas jars plant container

In a mason jar, flowers just look great

DIY ideas Mason jars plant container crafts

Creative crafting preserving glasses atractive lighting

creative crafts jars hang garden deco ideas

Creative crafting jars of fancy lamp rope

Creative craft jars of bathroom bathroom bin

Creative craft jars use deco ideas

creative crafts jars flower table decoration wedding

creative craft jar jars flower vase creative decoration ideas

creative crafts canning jars flower vases deco cuisine

Creative craft jars of deco wedding wedding jars


creative craft jars creative ideas

creative craft jars creative practical

creative crafts jars lanterns tinker halloween craft ideas

creative crafts jars light home lighting

creative craft jars practical creative living ideas

creative crafts jars rustic deco flowers

creative crafts jars bin creative home ideas

creative crafts mason jar table decoration ideas flowers

creative crafts jars vase lid flowers

creative crafts mason jars wall decorations ideas flowers

creative crafts jars of home ideas kitchen

creative tinker floral decoration romantic simple

creative crafts jars flowers vases

Creative crafts jars of table lamps plant