Crafting with corks – cool decorative items and furniture

Craft cork mirror heart armchair

 Exceptional crafting ideas for you - Do not throw away the corks!

What is cork? This is the bark of cork oak - a rare species of tree that can be seen in certain places in the world. Still on the bark one can recognize the dead tissue, whereby no tree juices flow. The superficial tree cells divide and protect the tree from injury and direct sunlight.

If we peel the bark of any tree, he will die. But the dead bark of the cork tree looks quite different - it creates storage space for more new dead cells.

In this way, you can use the cork bark for everyday needs and not hurt or fell the tree.

Crafts with corks

Craft corks heart colorful shape

The cork trees do not thrive everywhere, but only on the east coast of South America, in some areas around the lake of Japan, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Without success, they have been trying to replant the cork oak in the last 50-60 years.

The home decoration and the DIY decorative items made of corks are very pleasant and funny tasks. Not to mention the ecological, and inexpensive idea for functional home accessories at home. The cork is a really cool material, practical and flexible, perfect for contemporary interiors, handcrafted accessories and even cork flooring in every room. The cork products give your interior design a fresh, extraordinary look.

More examples and DIY pieces

Crafting with Cork selection of decoupage furniture pieces

You have probably never considered and tried out the endless DIY possibilities and projects made of cork. Just like us. Not only can the empty wine bottles be transformed into beautiful chandeliers and bedside lamps, you can also make corks. Beautiful home decoration, flower vases, rugs, canvases, mirror frames, and creative pieces of furniture are among the many DIY projects you can make.

Hanging cork ball in the clothes shop

Craft with cork deco ball dress shop

Everything looks pretty, what we make ourselves and exhibit on any shelf in the room. Every time you have guests tell them, this feat is your own creation.

We have an ample collection of ideas for Crafts with corks ready for you. Surely they will attract your attention, so you will not waste any more time and take a look.

Many corks are needed to make your project truly authentic and original.

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crafts cork armchairs oak wood household sew

Round wall clock with cork frame

crafts cork armchairs oak wood round mirror frame

Massive, ergonomic armchair

crafts cork massive armchair backrest

Apple from cork as a wall installation 

Craft cool diy cork apple wall decor

Round pin board

Craft pinboard Cork type wall decoration

Store jewelry   Crafts with corks bar trinkets

Suitable for garden parties

Corking with cork bar barrel wine

Wine glasses in an artistic composition

art picture picture frame wine glass crafting with cork

Exhibit artificial flowers

Craft with cork flowers red cute project diy

Glass vase full of corks

Craft garden beauty nature Cork flower vase

floor vases

Crafts with cork floor vase art


Craft cork bracelet bracelet aroundsleight of hand

Craft cork decorate elegant idea dresser

Flash memory

Craft with corks flash memory memory

Cute spring wreath

Crafts with cork spring wreath cute

Huge wall decoration

Crafting wall design cork faces art art

Smiling face

Crafts afro cork face smile

Small decoration pieces

Crafts with corks green think miniature flowers

This chandelier is made from clothespins

Crafts with cork hanging lamp chandelier huge

Instructions in pictures   Crafts with cork hearts romantic little gift

Enormous pin board in the shape of a heart

Craft pin board Cork heart wall decoration

Safe toys - bar table with stool

Crafting with cork stool bar

Seating area in the garden

Tinker with cork stool table

Door or Wall Wreath - Instructions

Crafts with cork ideas diy wreath instruction

Screen or decorative wall

Craft cork clothes shop vision protection partition


Crafting small deco home accessories Korkenklein deko


Crafting with cork basket baby

Christmas wreath

Crafts with cork wreath

Green and leaves

Crafts with cork wreath. Christmas

Bunch of lights

Crafts with cork chandelier ceiling lighting

Kitchen back wall

Crafting with cork kitchen kitchen back wall

Big balls of corks

Crafts massive installation Cork ball decoration

Making a tree out of corks

Crafts with cork canvas tree

Garden lantern - indirect light

Tinker square cork light indirectly

Amazing, exquisite works of art

Crafts art work wall cork lifestyle art

Artificial flowers in old rose

Crafting romantic cork purple flowers deco

Round glass top on solid cork base

Tinker round table bar glass cork materials

Seen in detail

Crafting sturdy natural cork mosaic oak

Sweet art roses

Crafting feminine decoration ideas Cork pink red

Improvised curtain as a room divider

Crafts curtain room door room divider Cork nice idea

Nice decoration

Crafts with corks nice ideas

serving plates

Crafting with cork serving board

Traditional design shows this exceptional armchair made of cork

Crafts with cork armchair frame black metal

Ergonomically designed armchair made of cork

Crafts bundles ergonomic garden furniture set cork armchair frame

Several armchair designs

Craft armrests Cork armchairs chairs

Bar table with stools

Tinker round comfortable stool tabletop round cork corner seat

Round coffee table - industrial style  flooring wood round coffee table white table base frame stool

Chic saucer

Crafts with cork saucer

Wandart - intertwined corks

Craft installation lifestyle Cork intertwined

Two hearts in love

Crafting corks in love hearts

Fairytale birdhouse

Craft cork bird house wlad fairy tale

wine bottle

Craft red wine cork wine bottle art

Pictured wine bottle - arranged like a puzzle

Craft installation art cork wine bottle red