60 inexpensive decoration ideas for the perfect DIY wedding

DIY weddings deco forest beautiful

Do you love DIY? Weddings need not be an exception!

Chic, noble, DIY! These are terms that meanwhile simply belong together for many people. Even in many contexts, they are simply inseparable. This is especially true for the cases, if you want to take vintage, rural, nostalgic.

The perfect DIY outdoor wedding – giant artificial flowers

DIY weddings big deco ideas flowers grass

DIY weddings are also a hit. Especially because they fit very well with retro and vintage projects. Because they remind us of the “free” years before the wedding and this is one of the funniest parts you can imagine at a wedding. Is not this true? Let’s take a look at some great examples and see what thoughts they bring us.

DIY weddings with candles

DIY weddings deco ideas candles glow nice

The way to a new home should be the romantic thing that you can imagine. For many people, DIY also includes romantic. Think of great candles, which are located on both sides of the stairs. Simply decorating with it brings you to dream of super happy times!

DIY weddings turn the memories into an art exhibition

DIY weddings decorating photos hanging photos

Surround yourself with great cartoons and pictures. Mix these with letters with great sayings. So you will tell your own story in a fairytale way. You could also think of your very own individual moments. Because everything in this life has led you to the beloved person in one way or another. Agreed?

DIY symbols of love

DIY sparkling weddings decorating cake muffins

Do you believe that you have to work on love? Do you think that nothing should be accidental? If this is the case then consider DIY projects! These could be made from something as romantic as cork. Why romantic? Because good wine is already worth a lot and can be compared with love!

DIY weddings table decoration

Weddings deco pink purple blue tablecloth pies

In blue

DIY weddings deco ideas table deco

It’s unbelievable how affordable and classy DIY weddings decoration can look! Hardly can you experience this on another occasion. But look at the great packaging for these chocolates! Wonderful, right?

DIY children’s corner

Weddings dekoideen children joy

Yes, at weddings you have to think a lot about the little ones! Because these are also part of it. They represent the hope of the future and symbolize the happy family. Make great glasses with signs for them! In these you could collect sweets and other great memories. What do you think about this idea?

Wall (tree) with the congratulations

DIY weddings deco tree photos light string

Here you can see something exciting! It is super original and super DIY! Weddings with such wall designs will not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone will leave a great wish for your future there!

And here comes the bride!

DIY weddings deco children participate

Huge paper circles as a hanging decoration

yellow white weddings decoys tree paper circles

Wedding arch decorated with flowers

flowers blossoms weddings decoration flowers

Vintage beauty and wedding bouquet

DIY weddings deco flowers flower dress

Arrange wedding table

DIY weddings deco flowers white

White fabric embellishes the wedding arch

bride weddings decoration bow lace white

Three happy girls

DIY weddings decoys bridesmaids

Cycling on the wedding day

happy marriage weddings decoys bicycle balloon

Hanging colorful bottles display garden roses

rope weddings deco bottles colorful glass

Cute roses

gorgeous weddings deco bottles elegant

Golden bottles full of candles illuminate the footpath

floor weddings deco bottles of candles

Bottles and glasses serve as decorative containers on the wedding table

DIY weddings deco sparkling sparkle

Display of flowers and candles

orange yellow candles weddings decorating glass exhibit

Vintage wedding glasses

DIY weddings decorating glasses

Reuse bulbs

Weddings decorating bulbs white flowers

Affordable floral arrangements for the perfect DIY wedding

DIY weddings decoys golden bottles

Elegant headdress made of flowers

blond hair weddings deco hair hair head jewelry

Magnificent bride and hanging cream florets

Delicate design weddings deco flowers hanging flowers

Hanging DIY curtain

DIY weddings deco ideas hanging deco

Paper hearts as symbols of love

gray background weddings deco wood hearts heart wall

Rustic pieces of wood as documents of floral arrangements

candles weddings deco wood slices

Birdcages full of flowers

Vintage design weddings decoide cages

Homemade candle holders

painted weddings deco candles colorful

Romantic moments on the wedding day

throw pillows weddings deco pillow colorful

Create striking, themed headdresses with existing materials yourself

The perfect DIY wedding decorating head jewelry white

Artificial flowers and pearls form the bridal bouquet here

The perfect DIY wedding wedding dress deco ideas plastic flowers

What wedding for Halloween?

The perfect DIY wedding decorating gourds candles

Loving addresses in country style

white wood wedding decorating ladder love

Knitted covers for the most beautiful word

knit yarn pink wedding deco ideas lovingly deco

Well-scented lilac as a decoration around the container

lilac weddings decoys purple flowers candles

Add music notes to the wedding decoration

paper weddings deco music notes

Huge paper flowers over the table

ideas full wedding decoration orange paper circles

A lot of hanging flower vases

the perfect DIY wedding decorating party garden

Balloons with knitted covers look very cute and vintage

the perfect DIY wedding decorating beads knit circles

Another DIY idea for the table

dish cutlery dine wedding deco roses colorful

Happy moments

background circles origami wedding decoration round colorful paper

Balls of sunflowers

yellow wedding decorating sunflowers hanging

Stand for flowers

pink flowers wedding decoration stand flowers

The thematic covers for the chair backrests

The perfect DIY wedding deco ideas chair back lace

Colorful ribbons in stripes

Stripes Wedding Decorations Decorative Ribbon Backrest Chairs

Very simple and attractive eye-catcher

Wedding tablecloth knit deco ideas table candles

Collect all friends and relatives

forest environment weddings decoration ceremony green