So you can create a mini zen garden

tinker mini zen garden

So you can create a mini zen garden

Everyone knows what a Zen garden is, right? But did you know that you can also make a Mini Zen Garden? This great combination of materials, shapes and constellations that contribute to the perfect unity can also be reproduced in this form. So you do not need a large yard.

What are the Zen Gardens in Mini form for?

mini zen form garden create flowers

The Mini Zen Gardens, like the rest, are designed to make you feel calmer and more relaxed. But the first variant, which will be discussed in more detail today, is realized in certain cases. These are needed if you have little space. So we are dealing with another, successfully applied form of Buddhist practice that has been adapted to our modern needs.

The Zen garden as such

mini zen garden create decoration

We said at the beginning that probably everyone knows what a Zen garden is. But it never hurts to update this important and fundamental knowledge. This garden has been created from gravel and sand. The sand is reminiscent of running water. The stones stand for the mountains and the plants. All these elements are brought together here to represent harmony in nature.

From this point of view, creating a Zen garden in miniature or large size is not that difficult. Actually, everything depends on the scales. They will not only provide a lot of peace, but also an appealing appearance at home.


mini zen garden ceramic mugs moss

Maintaining the Mini Zen Gardens is pretty easy, just like the big ones. Garden is more or less meant here figuratively. It is a place of reflection. There you will find reflection. This happens through rest and relaxation. Practically you do not need to pour or fertilize here. So easy cleaning is quite enough.

What role do Mini Zen Gardens play in our lives?

mini zen garden create sand design

The Mini Zen Gardens play a huge role in reducing stress in modern day life. Mostly you can buy such a garden too. But tinkering is also possible. You need a hand crafted container, fine sand, bamboo, polished stones, figures in different styles and colors. Do you have everything?

Then go to work!

make mini zen garden tinker

Steps in creating the Mini Zen Garden

The box, which is at least 4 cm deep, must be attached to the side. You can also take simple cardboard, which you then attached to the sides with wooden slats.

Second, you need white or yellow sand or gravel. If you do not live near a beach, then buy them in the pet shops. Wooden swing is now also used. Now give your imagination free rein.

River stones complete the Zen look

mini zen garden plants create boulders

Third, pick the stones for your Mini Zen Garden. They must be smooth and adapted to the shape of the garden. They have to be put down so that they can be seen from all sides.

Fourth, you need a table or box where you place the Mini Zen Garden.

Modern design and decoration

mini zen garden zen garden modern interior design

Green freshness and mini zen     mini zen garden create figures

Glass vessels for aerial plants   mini zen garden create glass

Rest and relaxation

mini zen garden create wood

Purple sand in the glass  mini zen garden create purple sand colors

Moss and decorative, miniature figures

mini zen garden create moss ideas

Simple and powerful at the same time

mini zen garden zen garden ball

Moss, sand and pebbles    mini zen sand garden create stones

Colorful sand

garden craft ideas mini zen flat colorful sand

Mini sculptures as insertion

mini zen garden craft ideas flat bushes

Moss, grass and Buddha in the glass

mini zen garden craft ideas flat glass

All natural and gorgeous

garden craft ideas mini zen flat moss

Succulents in the mini Zen garden

garden mini zen craft ideas flat plant

River stones transformed into mini flower pots

garden craft ideas mini zen flat stones

Improvised waterfall

mini zen garden craft ideas flat water

Instructions for a zen garden

garden mini bonsai mini zen guide

Relaxation and beauty at home

garden mini bonsai design green mini zen

Buddha statue on moss

mini zen garden mini bonsai glass buddha

A handful of mini Zen garden

mini bonsai handful mini zen garden

Japanese zen structure

mini zen garden mini bonsai japanese

Circles and shapes on sand

mini zen garden create mini bonsai minimalist

Mini garden exhibited

mini bonsai mini zen garden plants

Zen boulders and waterfall

garden mini bonsai mini zen waterfall

Shaping your own zen garden

Exhibit mini zen exhibit garden zen garden

Cactus on sand

garden mini zen garden gardening tinker

Positive effect on the senses

mini zen garden zen garden green fresh

Moss and boulders    mini zen garden zen garden moss cultivation

Everyone can create such a mini garden themselves

mini zen garden zen garden plate

The moss is subtle and permanent

mini zen garden zen garden apartment

Various shapes on sand

mini zen garden create pink sand

Black flowerpot for the mini Zen garden

zen garden craft ideas flat flower pot