So you can make original Christmas table cards

Christmas table cards make creative table decoration ideas

Make Christmas table cards


Christmas – one of the most beautiful family celebrations of the year. And the Advent too! This brings so much anticipation with it. We can not wait for it to be December again and the countdown is on. But soon the time has come and the good preparation will be of great importance to the creative minds.

Today we would like to deal with the creation of Christmas table cards. We’ve collected some inspirational examples and we like to show them off. Let’s take a look at the creative craft ideas together and maybe even realize some of them ourselves.

Original table decoration for Christmas in DIY style

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A perfect Christmas table also includes the small table cards, which are provided with the names of the guests. They do not want to cause chaos and confuse your dear guests, where they may actually sit down. It is also not very polite to point out to each guest where his place is at the table. But with the name cards, it’s easy. Of course, you can buy them too, but the personal touch plays a significant role here. With a few original homemade place cards, you would not only positively impress your friends and relatives, but also deeply touch their hearts.

Creativity is also needed at the Christmas table

crafting christmas table decorations in diy style

Aunt Luise will be happy about it

tinker cards christmas table decoration ideas

How could you make creative place cards with Christmas flair yourself? It is not difficult. You just need some fresh ideas and, of course, you still feel like doing handicrafts, because above all you should enjoy it.

All the traditional Christmas decorations, such as Christmas balls, red and white candy canes, bells, pine cones and other natural materials will fit in the Christmas table decoration. You would also need decorative paper and pens of your choice.

Here are some examples of Christmas deer, of course miniatures. Christmas deer can also be eliminated using a cardboard template and then simply tagged with the guests name. Scroll down and be inspired …

The decorative deer points Lucy to your table

make christmas table cards make your own table decoration

Christmas deer made of cardboard and decorative paper

tinker cards christmas table decoration deer

Decorate with a chic cloth napkin in red

crafting table cards Christmas table decoration deer table mats

The Christmas balls are a great way to use original accents on the festive table. You can turn a ball into an alternative name card (the example below) or as a “stand” for table cards. Both variants are meaningful, and maybe the second is a bit simpler.

Festive table decoration in black and white with fresh yellow accents

crafting paper table ideas ideas christmas balls

Simple craft ideas with red Christmas balls

to make tablecloths table decoration for christmas with christmas balls

Just put the ball in the plate

Christmas table cards make table decoration with Christmas balls

Turning an apple into a tealight stand and a name card at the same time does not seem to be too difficult either. The result is more than impressive.

So tinkering with natural materials is very much in vogue. Here you can let your creativity run wild. Take a look at the following example with rose hips and fir branches – another very simple craft idea. Simply fold in the rosehips, shape into a circle and decorate with a small green twig. Of course, do not forget the name tag …

Use materials from your own garden

Make your own Christmas cards yourself

Cover the Christmas table with taste

christmas table decoration make thematic table cards yourself

The idea with the pine cones pleases us, honestly, best! We would definitely realize these. So simple and so effective is a natural pine cone with name tags on it. And you can also use subtle color accents or add a bow … That’s up to you.

Silver snow effects

Christmas table decoration Make simple table cards yourself

Choose suitable paper and fasten with a white bow

christmas table decoration ideas place cards yourself making pine cones

Accents in your favorite color

crafting christmas table decorations with pine cones

Christmas table cards made of paper can also be easily made. But you also need a template that you can find in the craft shop. With the help of the templates and a cutter, you could make thematic figures, as in the picture below. First of all, you should choose the right paper and have the names printed or printed on it. You can use the font playfully. You also have a lot of freedom in this aspect.

Just enjoy the creative process!

Homemade place cards

christmas table decoration ideas paper table crafting out of paper

For a table decoration in a rustic style

christmas table decoration ideas

Place cards that carry your handwriting look much more personal

christmas table decoration christmas xmas diy projects

The Christmas bells are already ringing

christmas table crafting tischdeko dekoartikel in gold color