How to make a fancy Easter wreath yourself

Easter wreath itself make tulips eggs

How to make a fancy Easter wreath yourself

Easter is one of the most beautiful Christian festivals ever. We always like to decorate our home, paint eggs in whimsical colors and patterns and look forward to our colorful creations like little children. An important part of the Easter decoration is the door wreath. Today we’ll show you 18 beautiful ideas and share some advice on how to use yours Easter wreath can do it yourself.

You know, even though the shops and markets are full of Easter decorations, it’s most fun to make your own home decor. So it’s best to start the door with the Easter wreath. You can shape it in different shapes and hang it just as well on the wall.

The main ingredients in crafting, if you have one Do Easter wreath yourself want are:

  • eggs
  • spring branches
  • colorful bows
  • copper wire

and of course a lot of patience and creativity.

an egg poetry in delicious colors

Easter wreath itself make plastic eggs pink tinsel

A fancy creation of cloth loops

Osterkranz itself make colorful fabric bows

Instructions for a possible variant of Easter wreath:

Take uncooked eggs and drill two holes at each egg – down and up. The yolks and egg whites should flow out completely and the eggs should dry out. This could take some time. Then you can carefully paint the eggs with egg color, oil paints or acrylic paints. You can just as well use stickers or use the napkin technique when decorating the eggs. As you wish. After drying, use translucent varnish or oil for more shine.

The Easter wreath itself is made from the spring branches – for example from willow branches. After you reach the desired shape, wrap the branches with the copper wire for a better grip. Then you can hang the colorful ribbons, to the already painted eggs and tie to the wreath.
And already your moody Easter wreath is ready. Easter can come slowly.

Of course that’s just one possible variation, like yours Do Easter wreath yourself can. Feel free to use more techniques and ideas to create a beautiful Easter decoration.

Masterfully painted Easter eggs

Easter wreath itself make colorful eggs yellow loop

Vintage Easter wreath

Easter wreath itself make painted egg ceramic bunny

Do not throw away the old watering can

Osterkranz itself make old tin watering can tulips

Spring splendor in fresh colors

Easter wreath itself make willow branches deco bunny

Floral scent and funny Easter bunnies

Easter wreath itself make willow branches flowers little bunnies

Colorful ones in glasses

Osterkranz itself make fabric folded

Sunny and delicate

Easter wreath itself make spring branches yellow plastic eggs

Elegant and shiny glass

Easter wreath itself make glass eggs yellow loop

Yarn and glitter

Easter wreath itself make pink yarn hate

A sympathetic Easter bunny

Easter wreath itself make bunnies wine yellow gerbera

Pure nature in square shape

Easter wreath itself make wooden frame gray beige eggs

Easter bunny with a bow in pink

osterkranz make pink ribbon in bunny form itself

Easter wreath to admire

Easter wreath itself make stuffed animal easter bunny

Miniature eggs sweets and yellow tulips

Easter wreath itself make daffodils colorful sweets

Cute little birds on the neon green meadow made of feathers

Easter wreath itself make neon green feather felt flowers decoration nest