Leselotte Sewing Pattern – How to sew a reading pillow yourself

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DIY Leselotte Sewing Pattern - Make a practical reading pillow yourself

Hello, dear bookworms! Take a look at what we have prepared for you today. We have gathered information on how to sew a reading sled by yourself. A pattern is not necessary, but you need to pay attention to the dimensions of the books.

Let's assume the standardized book format 22 × 14, to which the book cover is to be adapted. So that Leselotte sewing pattern consists of 2 main parts - the book cover and the support pillow. For the case you need inside and outside fabric with the following dimensions: 36 × 24 and 100 × 24. The pillow could be made from the same outer fabric. Cut 6 pieces of fabric. The matching shape can be found in the video below. For this you need 2 rubber bands and a velcro band, all 24 cm long. Fill material (styrofoam balls, cotton, etc.) for the book bag and cardboard for the book cover you should also get.

Sew yourself a book cushion for more comfort while reading

leselotte sewing pattern reading pillow self-sewing book cushions

This is what a reading sled looks like, which you can order here. The prices for a self-sewn reading pillow are between 15 and 25 euros plus shipping costs
Reading Cushion Leselotte Sewing Pattern DIY Book Cushion Sewing Craft Ideas

The following video shows very clearly how to sew a reading pad step by step. It is by no means complicated or expensive. Basic sewing skills and a bit of desire are enough.

The format for which the book cover is sewn is slightly larger in the video:

Outer fabric dimensions 122x30cm

Inner fabric dimensions 42x30cm

Rubber bands and Velcro tape 30cm

The bag can be the same size.

Watch the video and for more information visit www.aniversal.com.

Leselotte sewing pattern and detailed sewing instructions

Reading in bed - made comfortable and comfortable

leselotte cut pattern reading book book sack book cushions

Sewing reading bags made of yellow fabric by yourself

yellow leselotte sewing pattern book cushions sew yourself

Reading-Lotto in blue

seelotte sewing pattern self-sewn

Choose a colored and funny fabric for your reading-lotte - why not with a pigtail pattern

reading pillow reading sled sewing pattern bookcushion sew yourself

Book cover and pillow with reading tape

leselotte sewing pattern reading pillow self-sew book cover book cushions

What is a lectern you here

leselotte cut pattern reading books book cushions

I hope you liked this crafting idea. Let your creativity run wild and treat yourself to cozy moments with a book "in your hand" (or rather - on the reading pillow)!