Create creatively – 70 unusual things that you can create from paper and napkins

Make creative - use paper for whimsical DIY ideas - inspirational ideas and videos

Creative crafting can anyone who has enough imagination. In order to promote yours, we have collected a few crafting ideas for inspiration. They refer to crafts made of paper, which can decorate your wall or the shelf nicely. These DIY projects also give you a lot of joy, because crafting has something childlike about it, which awakens the joie de vivre in you.

 Ideas for beautiful paper decorations and gifts made of paper

creative crafting paper diy ideas deco ideas home ideas

Creative crafts and give the home through the decoration individuality

creative crafts garlands flowers paper

Do you like to do handicrafts? What are you actually doing with your DIY projects? Do you use paper? Or maybe napkins? Even with the help of these materials, you can create wonderful decoration that will give your living room the finishing touch. What can you make out of paper? What not! In the following lines and pictures you will find creative ideas that also set your own creativity in motion ...

Make a fancy box out of paper

diy decoration fancy paper box funny

Colored paper garlands make the party funnier

diy decoration deco garlands colored

Gorgeous floral decoration from book pages

Use diy deco paper book pages

Paper cans and crates

Making a box or tin of paper is not a difficult task. Do you want to prepare a nice gift for a loved one yourself? Then get down to work and do it yourself, for example. a beautiful jewelery box. If you want to achieve a more beautiful effect, use colored paper or beautiful patterns.

You can use paper creatively

creative craft paper diy ideas

Create heart box

Creative crafts cardboard box heart

Cute jewelry boxes

Creative crafting paper jewelry boxes DIY

A nice gift idea for you

creative crafts paper gift ideas valentine's day

Creative craft ideas with paper

creative crafts paper small cans


Surely you've heard of paper folding art, which is also called origami? In this style you can also beautifully decorate the walls of his apartment. They bring the interior design to life and give it its own charm.

Wall decoration with 3D effect

creative crafts paper wall decoration origami

Fix colorful butterflies on the wall

diy decor wall deco paper butterfly rings

Here's how to fold origami vases

Make paper from mobile

Do you want to decorate the nursery with funny mobiles? You can easily make these yourself. Combine different shapes and colors and ensure the good mood of your children.

Tinker with paper and create a colorful decoration

creative crafts deco ideas paper colored nursery

Hanging decoration made of paper

creative crafting geometric paper colored

Beautiful Christmas fir trees hang up for Christmas

Creative DIY diy hanging christmas deco

Garlands of paper

Do you want to give the walls a happy look? Colored paper garlands make it clear! You also spread a funny mood in the room. Paper garlands give you the opportunity to make appropriate thematic decoration that captures the eye. Simply cut out the desired pattern several times and create a beautiful festive decoration.

Paper garlands of paper balls

diy decoration colored garland batseln deco ideas

Use paper sheets in matching colors for autumn decoration

diy decoration garland crafts autumn colored paper

Tinker garland with stars for Christmas

creative crafting wall idea origami

Step by step, make a paper garland

Folding animals from paper

Create beautiful cats and dogs from paper

creative crafts animals paper colored funny

Making pink fish out of paper would be a real treat for the little ones

diy deco paper animals funny

Vases of paper

Colored DIY idea from paper

diy decoration flower vase crafting colored deco ideas

What else can you make out of paper?

From paper you can make odd things. Take a look at the examples below and see for yourself. You may have heard of paper flowers and lanterns, but have you ever wondered why you could make a paper bracelet? And what do you say about a wastebasket? You can also make beautiful decorations yourself at various celebrations and paper turns out to be particularly suitable. Christmas, Easter and the garden party could give a unique charm by a fancy decoration.

Tinker paper lanterns in green shades

creative crafts paper lanterns decorate children's room

Craft cool paper bracelets yourself

creative crafting bracelet colored origami

Paper flowers are almost as beautiful as fresh flowers

creative crafts flowers paper colored deco ideas

Create and decorate exuberant recycle bins

creative crafts paper basket decorate

Is not this teapot nice?

creative crafts teapot paper colored diy

Easter bunnies made of paper

DIY Decoration Easter Bunny Funny

Make cool Christmas socks out of paper

creative tinker paper stockings christmas

How do you actually make a paper flower?

Craft ideas from newspapers, napkins and book pages

With a little more skill you could create great flower vases like this one

creative crafts fancy vase book pages deco ideas

Is not this an original paper decoration?

creative crafts heart decorating garlands

Beautiful roses from book pages

diy deco paper book pages roses tinker

Hang heart garlands from book pages

diy deco hanging deco mobile crafting paper

Wall decoration of napkins in stark colors creates a nice atmosphere

creative crafts napkins flowers deco ideas wall decor colored

Blue lanterns made of napkins captivate the eye

diy decoration blue lanterns tinker paper

So, have you got enough inspiration? Then go to work!

Elegant gift wrap

creative crafts boxes gifts colored ribbon decorate

DIY idea for paper box

creative crafts crate paper cake

Extravagant idea for plant containers

creative crafts paper plant

Beautiful wall decoration for the girls room

creative crafts paper hearts colored mobile

Make colored paper boxes and surprise the favorite person

creative crafts paper colored jewelry

Paper box with strip lid

creative crafts paper boxes colored valentines day gift ideas

How do you make a paper box?

creative crafts use paper pattern boxes

Creative idea for paper decoration with stars

creative crafts paper christmas deco diy

Beautiful origami flower

diy deco origami fancy deco flower

diy deco paper garland deco ideas

diy decoration party decoration ideas paper garlands

diy deco napkins use colored garland

diy deco hearts hanging on deco ideas

diy decoration lanterns orange party ideas

diy deco paper fancy decorating

diy deco paper colored baskets

diy deco paper green wreaths tinker

diy deco napkins blue ombre style

diy decoration flowers crafting colored fresh deco ideas

diy decoration deco ideas paper hanging decoration

diy decoration lanterns tinker colored dining table decorate

diy decoration lanterns tinkering colored dots paper

diy decoration funny deco crafts paper

diy deco paper flowers colored flower pot deco ideas

diy deco paper deco ideas

diy deco paper snowflake colored

diy deco napkins colored flower vase

diy deco napkins colored lanterns decoration ideas

diy deco wall decor heart pink nuances

diy deco paper funny animals

diy deco wall decor paper light green wall

Creative crafting beautiful butterfly crafting paper

creative crafts make beautiful flowers from paper crafts

make creative paper mache yourself

creative craft animals from paper crafts

creative crafting beautiful flower made of paper itself make picture in pictures