Window decoration – clever DIY ideas from old window frames

The obvious association with the term "window decoration" is the spice up of the light openings at home. It is also true. But we mean it differently today. In the net we found a lot of examples of the DIY decoration that has been made out of old windows. Most of the ideas fascinated us! For this reason, we would like to share with you this great experience within this article.

How old should the windows be?

There are hardly any restrictions. Such DIY window decoration would also be feasible with pieces that are 50 or 100 years old. It is important that the windows are in good condition.

Some windows of buildings with a historical character can have a really high value.

It is worth restoring them and integrating them into the interior design in this renewed state

window decoration old window frame wall decoration elegant

Create window decoration

DIY window decoration can quickly get a very practical character. From this you create wonderful new mirrors. Sand the frames (if they are made of wood) and paint them if necessary. Some materials just have to be cleaned.

Now replace the old glass panes with mirrors.

But these are original pieces in which you could look around, right?

Or you decorate the old window frames with beautiful napkins with colorful patterns

window decoration old window frame napkins

Tell a story

A kind of new method in interior design relies on telling stories. Old window frames are almost always associated with great stories. They are a great topic for conversation every time you visit the living room.

Step by step

After this somewhat lengthy explanation, we would like to explain to you step by step how you could successfully realize a window decoration concept.

Worn shutters are perfect for gorgeous Shabby Chic bedside tables

window decoration old shutters white shabby chic bedside tables

Clean up

The fact that the window frames should be cleaned well does not seem to be very clear to many DIY enthusiasts. When you finish everything else and clean it afterwards, the results are usually not the best.

Therefore, first clean the window frames thoroughly. After that you could do the rest of the work. So it is more practical.

Beautify the window frame with patterned wrapping paper

window decoration old window frame wrapping paper

Smooth wood surfaces

Most of the time you integrate old wooden frames as a window decoration. In order for these to look beautiful, they would most likely have to be sanded with sandpaper. The electrical variants are easier to use when it comes to the rough part. With the old, non-automated method the fine part of the work has to be realized.

Decide on the type of functionality

Do you only integrate the frame as a wall decoration or as something more? Would you like to have a mirror or a picture gallery? Look at the piece yourself and intuitively decide what it is best for. Its natural structure would surely bring you to the right thoughts.

Old window frames are also effectively over the fireplace in the living room

window decoration old window frame photos kamindeko

Fix well

Look at the window frames like a picture. Get ideas from the modern wall design concepts to find the right place for this.

It is usually a non-lightweight design. So make sure it's well fastened. If in doubt, lean this window decoration against the wall.

Practical pin boards can also be easily made from the window frames

window decoration old window wall decoration pin board

As a final word

Such window decoration seems so obvious. It's amazing that she's only just started gaining popularity.

Some historic window frames are really valuable and we would even recommend professional restoration and reworking for them. These would be worthwhile in any case!

Attach an unconventional mirror to the wall

window decoration old window edit wall decoration mirror

Or do you rather need a wall mirror in the hallway?

window decoration old window reshape mirror

Use the old window frame as an original picture frame

window decoration old window frame picture frame

With elongated window frames you can lean them directly against the wall

window decoration old window frame wall decoration

White painted, the window frames are very suitable for the rustic decor

window decoration old window frame wall design

On the other hand, the frames become a beautiful Christmas decoration on a red wall

window decoration old window frame christmas decoration wall design

Create your own special photo collage!

window decoration old window wall decoration pictures black and white

If desired, you can also use the whole wall

window decoration wall decoration vintage photos

Make an adorable chalk board

window decoration wall decoration white window frame chalkboard

Draw inspiration from the past and create beautiful window decoration!

window decoration old window diy ideas

window decoration old window frame wall decoration