Unusual gift ideas to make your own

fancy gift ideas homemade DIY gifts

Gift ideas that are original and reasonably priced

There is more than one reason why you should look for original gift ideas that are at the same time inexpensive. Not always lies the difficulty, if we can afford one or the other thing. Many people simply do not want to submit to the pressure of marketing strategies and social expectations.

You want to keep the human element with the gifts. You can always buy expensive gifts on different occasions. Maybe you should not combine the most beautiful parties of the year not only with expensive gifts and other costly surprises.

Unusual gift ideas homemade

fancy gift ideas girlfriend DIY gifts

More and more people share this view. They refrain from expensive options and consciously look for gift ideas that express the human affection and the warmth of the circumstances. One often takes the time to make something special for friends and family. And time is our most important resource, right?

Beautifully packed DIY gifts 


funny and fancy gift ideas homemade DIY gifts

Among the DIY gift ideas there are several groups that have proven to be especially popular and fitting. They are universal in the way they are perceived by humans. Would you like to know more?

Surprise your loved ones!

unusual gift ideas homemade surprise

Art made of paper

The art of paper has a long tradition. Not only does this prove every Origami piece, but also the applied art here with us, in the West.

With origami you can reach 3 D figures without gluing. Other methods require glue. Learning origami usually costs a little more time.

Give an origami flower

fancy gift ideas DIY gifts origami flower

The paper art is also appropriate if you want to prepare a noble gift in a special packaging. So it has not only a commercial, but a high human value.

The art of paper folding 

fancy gift ideas Origami DIY Gifts

Origami gift box 

fancy gift ideas DIY gifts origami gift wrappings

Beautifully decorated simple objects

Buy a simple, useful item and make something special out of it. This can be a nice cloth, which you spice up with great seams on the edge. It can also be a chair, a side table or a vase, spicing things up with patterns and colors.

Make gifts yourself and pack nicely

fancy gift ideas DIY gifts nicely packaged

homemade gift ideas homemade

Many Thanks!

fancy gift ideas homemade crafting with paper

Make a romantic declaration of love!

fancy gift ideas DIY gifts for Valentine's Day

Real quality wines and goodies

Not only with money you get the best wine or exclusive gourmet products. Sometimes you just need to know where to shop. Often these are homemade goods that not everyone has access to.

Ask for good home-made wine or great treats and give them to your loved ones.

Cook or bake something tasty!

What do you enjoy more than a beautifully made cake or a great dish at the party? In addition, you also show other present persons how much your darling means to you. Do not miss the opportunity. The women could thereby win their husband forever.

Homemade cake as a gift

fancy gift ideas DIY gifts baking cake

Buy something, but show more creativity

Sometimes a little bit of the finest can be more than a big, but very ordinary gift. Do you agree? Then choose one of the finest soap and maybe two towels that make bathing a pleasure.

Romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day

fancy gift ideas romantic gifts for Valentine's Day

Aroma candles

fancy gift ideas DIY gifts romantic karts

Never forget to send a personal message to your loved one through the gift. With a great wine you say without words: "You deserve and can enjoy the best of life!"

Show your feelings! 

fancy gift ideas DIY gifts Declaration of love

Other original gifts that cost nothing

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