Sewing Faltrollo yourself – DIY ideas with practical use

sew faltrollo itself gray window decor minimalist living room roman blinds

Would you like to sew a faltrollo yourself?

A folding or Roman shade serves as a privacy screen and window decoration at the same time. Roman blinds are a modern alternative to curtains and curtains and give the room a contemporary touch. These are available in the market in a variety of models, fabric and color variants, if you intend to acquire which.

But what do you think about the idea of ​​putting your creativity to work? On Sew on Faltrollo itself is our next DIY project. This is not so hard. You only need the right materials and, as always, the desire to make crafts.

The illustrated Roman blinds below are our goal. These are from the curtain shop, but self-fabricated roller blinds could look so elegant and be tailored to fit your windows.

First, find the right fabric. It should be nice and hard and be in a suitable color. Patterned dyes use nudes and make the room look happier and more stylish. If yours Sewing blinds yourself, determine yourself from which material these are made and thus actively design the entire interior of the room.

Perhaps you already have the stuff that will put a smile on your face and are ready to use it as a practical window decoration, then you will learn which materials you will need and how you should proceed.

Choose fabric for Roman blinds and sew yourself

faltrollo sew yourself gray patterned window decor living room roman blinds

Sew on Roman blind yourself: That's how it's done

sew faltrollo itself gray window decor living room roman blinds

Necessary materials and tools:

1. Substance in sufficient quantity - width and length are determined by the size of the window; Color and pattern are as desired

2. curtain tape

3. eyelets

4. wooden strips

5. curtain cord

6. Velcro tape

7. thin wooden sticks (round)

8. Screws and cordless screwdrivers

 Roman blind - decorative window protection with style

faltrollo itself sew window decor visor living room roman blinds

Take a look at the following instructions and act accordingly

Sew privacy screen for a double window

modern window privacy black white Roman shade

 Bed headboard and folding blind made of the same material

faltrollo in the bedroom window decor screen protection blue white Roman blinds

 Faltrollo in the matching shade

sew faltrollo itself bedroom window decor roman blinds

 Calculate the window area and sew Roman blinds for the living room windows

living room window decoration privacy protection faltrollo self-sew roman blind

Roman blinds in beige linen in the study

sew faltrollo itself window privacy blindfolded

 Window sill protection in the bathroom

faltrollo itself sew window privacy bathroom raffrollos

 Visual and sun protection in the kitchen

sew faltrollo itself gray window privacy kitchen roman blinds

Roman blind for the bedroom window

faltrollo in the bedroom window decoration privacy blinds

Bedroom color ideas in light blue

pale blue falloutlo self-sew window decoration protection ideas

Wall color Pink and Faltrollo in the same shade   

sew faltrollo itself window privacy protection living room wall paint pink Roman blinds

Opaque folding blind in dark red

faltrollo sewing window decor privacy blinds

Roman shade in translucent fabric

faltrollo sew sewn green window decor ideas

Stylish window decoration in the traditional dining room

sew faltrollo yourself green window decor dining room roman blinds