99 Washi Tape Ideas: What can you decorate with it?

With Washi Tape virtually everything can be decorated and redesigned ... And the best thing about it - you do not need any special skills or previous experience. Lust and creative thinking are enough! With our present collection of 99 Washi Tape ideas we would like to offer you interesting suggestions and inspiration as a small help. If you've ever worked with this beautiful crafting material, then some ideas of it will certainly look pretty familiar. For those of you who have never tinkered or decorated, let's just say a few words about what Washi Tape is and where does it come from?

An adhesive tape conquers the world!

Washi Tape - the colorful all-rounder tape from Japan! Yes, the trendy crafting material actually comes from the Far East and fortunately this is not only available online, but also in almost every stationery or craft shop. The original was made by the Japanese company Kamoi and initially used only for a variety of industrial activities, such as painting in the automotive industry. Shortly thereafter, however, the practical tape was recognized by many craft friends as quite suitable for everyday use. Gifts have already been packed and other items embellished. Kamoi has thus developed a wider range of colors and patterns for the Washi Tapes, which continues to grow today. Even hip Japanese and international artists and designers like to design newer models of this tape and consider it an honor to work for Kamoi.

home decorate washi tape ideas to make yourself

And the more the colors and designs become with Washi Tape, the more exciting the tinkering becomes. What could you do with this whimsical tape? Here we would like to show you a lot. Stay with us!

Embellish furniture with washi tape

Basically: All surfaces that should be covered with Washi Tape, you have to make nice and clean before.

Dust, grease stains and dirt can only damage your decoration. Depending on the texture and material, all furniture surfaces can be gently cleaned - with special cleaning agents or with the appropriate budget funds. Then you should wait only briefly until the furniture is nice and dry and you can start with the gluing. This is how old, disused dressers turn into beautiful eye-catchers or boring wall shelves create stylish pieces of furniture that spice up your walls.

furniture decorating ideas black white washi tape

Spice up the walls with Washi Tape

Of course, you can also use the colorful tape for your wall decoration. A clear advantage here - with careful removal of the tape as no wall paint is replaced. This allows you to stay flexible while decorating your own home, saving you both time and money, especially when it comes to renting. Making a wall with washi tape is not only very easy, but above all very pleasant and will even give your children a lot of fun. Stripes, dots, animals - there are no limits to your imagination and creativity.

wall decoration arcades decorate washi tape

Make gift wrap and greeting cards yourself

In no time, original greetings cards are created for every occasion and stylish gift boxes created. And all you need is Washi Tapes to taste, plain wrapping paper and scissors. It could not be simpler! Colorful stripes, small garlands and a few dots are enough to ensure the necessary dose of festive mood.

make your own wrapping garland stripes washi tape

Smartphone, computer & Co. individually

Your phone case is too boring? No problem! All electronic devices, including their chargers and cables, can be easily and simply redesigned with Washi Tapes. Especially teenagers are happy, but even adults can quickly enjoy the colorful decoration. Let yourself be inspired!

Mobile phone case decorate yourself ideas with washi tape

decorate apple macbook air with washi tape

Party decoration and a lot of crafting fun ...

Not only children's parties can be beautifully designed using Washi Tapes. Even summer parties in the garden or birthday parties can benefit from the decorative ideas with the Japanese adhesive tape. And everything is again straightforward and at the same time effective and playful. Such as with these tealights below ... simple idea, big impact!

Tealights decorate with washi tape

Take a look at the other Washi Tape ideas from our collection and try them out! We wish you a lot of fun and a good luck!

birthday party decoration garland from washi tapes cupcakes sparklers

deco ideas summer party cutlery seviettenringe washi tape

diy vases decorate yourself washi tape ideas

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Create your own wall decoration scandinavian chairs colorful carpet

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Decorate mirror with washi tapes

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