Nice Christmas balls – 20 great ideas for your Christmas tree decorations

send christmas balls with paper ribbon and wish

Make beautiful Christmas balls yourself

Creating beautiful Christmas balls for the Christmas tree is one of the most important tasks in every Christmas decoration at home. Soon it's time again! Now think about your tree decorations and think about how to spice up the old or the simple Christmas tree balls. We have collected 20 great ideas for you that are very easy to do and with little effort.

In addition to the pleasure and joy of decorating, you will also need ribbons, beads, glue and glitter.

Take a look at the beautiful Christmas ball above. Is not she heavenly? It was dyed from the inside and wrapped with a strip of wrapping paper. Simply fill the paint and turn the ball on a glass to dry it out faster. On the paper strip you can write down Christmas wishes and greetings.

Do you never get enough of snow crystals?

chic christmas balls sticker snow crystal silver

Then, after dyeing the ball in a color of your choice, you can stick on a snow crystal and add an elegant cloth bow.

Send Christmas balls in red, why not? Red Christmas balls with filigree, white decoration look especially festive and stylish. You can use glitter pens or stickers.

In a glass bowl these Christmas balls look very elegant

chic christmas balls red with white motifs

To achieve this decorative effect, you need gift ribbons in different colors - such as here in green and gold. Remove the lid and stick some strips of fabric on it as shown below. After you have the lid back in place, you can also attach a chic loop to attach to the noose.

Green calms and refreshesis the senses

chic christmas balls with ribbons in green and gold

Turquoise and rhinestones - nothing can go wrong. You can create different patterns with hot glue. For example, five small pebbles in the form of drops form delicate flowers as shown below.

Cooling in jeweled optics

chic christmas balls decorated with glass beads

Dabbing technique with glitter

chic christmas balls with glitter color

A perfect Christmas present for your friends and colleagues

chic christmas balls dreier deko

Wondering how to paint beautiful Christmas balls like this one below? It's easier than it looks. You only need masking tape, narrow brushes and glitter. Stick the areas that you do not need to paint on with the masking tape and after you have made beautiful stripes with selected colors, sprinkle with glitter for a shimmering effect.

Striped bauble in retro look

Chic christmas balls with colorful stripes

Take a look at this masterpiece below! It's just phenomenal. The good thing is that you can make it yourself. What do you need for that? The most important are small pieces of old Christmas balls. From these, the ornaments are made and attached to a sturdy Christmas ball with adhesive and textured paint on it.

In this way you achieve a great mosaic effect

chic christmas balls shimmering mosaic

It continues with the same methods and techniques. Beautiful, chic Christmas balls are waiting for you to give you more inspiration and desire to decorate.

Dreamlike in celadon green and gold

chic christmas balls swirled golden ornaments

Paint beautiful winter motifs on it

chic christmas balls painted snow forest

Glitter and glamor for Christmas

chic christmas balls with orange glitter

Personalize your Christmas balls

Chic Christmas balls glittering letters

Shimmering perfection

chic christmas balls turquoise and green

Original and elegant

chic christmas balls with glass stones

Cooling and refreshing

chic christmas balls with blue bow

Checked loop looks traditional

chic christmas balls with checkered fabric ribbon

Unconventional with marine finds

Chic christmas balls with sand and shells

Timeless and festive

chic christmas balls with filigree paisley eyes

Chic Christmas balls with appealing greetings

chic christmas balls with sparkling greeting words