Pond bridge build yourself – great pictures for your garden design

pond bridge itself build rough wood

If you want to build a pond bridge yourself

If you are looking for an eye-catcher in your garden, you may find one Build pond bridge yourself, provided of course you have a pond. In this way, you will not only spice up the garden, but make it a bit more dramatic and entice your guests for a walk.

With a garden bridge the whole outdoor area will get a whole new perspective. New avenues and flowerbeds will emerge and with the establishment of a pond you will be able to breed fish.

As you see, if you have one Build pond bridge yourself, you will introduce more dynamism and new facets to your garden.

Magnificent spring mood

pond bridge build your own japanese style

Although the bridge is rather decorative, it should not only look beautiful, but be built very stable. Only work with good quality materials and fix everything with nails and screws. Do not forget to polish the bridge with protective varnish after making it. It depends on your taste which color or wood stain you will choose for your pond bridge.

The garden design you can also plan completely free. Very popular are landscapes in the Far East style with bamboo and natural stones and the Mediterranean style with flower pots of clay and fragrant plants and herbs.

Take a look at all the pictures in our collection and think about how your Build pond bridge yourself can. We wish you good luck!

Exotic with palm trees

pond bridge itself build palms garden

Enjoy the sun to the full

pond bridge itself build thick ropes

Simple elegance of light wood

pond bridge itself build curved railings

Elegant bridge with tender wisteria in white

garden bridge itself build light wood

Rustic with metal chains

garden bridge itself build wood metal chains

Garden landscape in the Mediterranean style

garden bridge itself build small bent

As in the Far East

garden bridge build redwood japanese garden

Meditative in warm shades

pond bridge itself build red rhododendrons colorful

A perfect DIY project

pond bridge itself build plain bright

Robust and elegant at the same time

pond bridge itself build stable wood

Quaint with natural stones

pond bridge itself build stone slabs natural stones

Teak wood for your pond bridge - simply perfect

pond bridge itself build teak wood bright