Paint murals on your own – DIY and decorating

murals themselves paint effect

Living and decorating with style

If you like to make different, strange home decorations, you would like this very light and effective decoration idea. With old newspapers you can make a beautiful decoration for every room. One of the most important aspects is to combine this DIY wall installation with the wall color and the whole living style.

Necessary materials: Old newspapers, glue, paint, scissors and paint.
To this end you should roll up all newspaper sheets and arrange them, as shown in the pictures.

You can still use acrylic paints or other colorings
Paint murals on your own

Deco itself make purple colors

You can paint the paper rolls before or after you have stuck them. Most of the time, this depends on whether you want to use one or more colors. Roll them as shown and stick with white glue.

 For an effective end result mix the two colors

paint two wall murals on your own

Attach all circles in the manner shown in the photos

murals to paint yourself wall installation

Another extraordinary craft idea

Deco itself make wall

Newspapers and white glue

Deco itself make newspapers roll


decor yourself make newspaper roll

Edit with a hammer

Deco itself will do instructions

Paint with a brush

Decor yourself make roll newspaper brush

Completely white

deco self-adhesive

Funny characters


murals to paint yourself figures

Illustrations of chefs


Dekko itself make ideas

Wall clock in the dining room

murals to paint yourself wall decoration