Build wall shelf yourself – challenge your skills!

wall shelf itself build painted bucket

Build a wall shelf yourself with creativity


What are you doing in your spare time? Do you go out more often, or do you feel better at home with a book in your hand and a cup of cocoa? Have you thought about doing something different that could actually bring you inspiration.

I'm talking about a DIY project, which on the one hand challenges your skills and on the other hand can serve you practically. On Build wall shelf yourself is exactly what you need, because you gain even more storage space.

Do your DIY project together with your children or friends

tree branches wooden boards diy wall shelf design

Convert soda beverage crates into bookshelves

DIY made soda beverage box wall shelf books

Organize your wardrobe cleverly

diy shelf system in wardrobe clothes

Here are 20 useful tips on how to do it. Of course you bring the most wood in use at the wall shelf itself build. Take some old wooden boxes and paint them in different colors. Another good idea would be to stick tree branches and wooden boards together on the wall and you'll surprise your friends with an extraordinary shelf. Are your children sports fans? Transform your old skateboards into a wall shelf!

Colored wooden boxes

diy wall shelf from wooden boxes painted colorful

Old skateboards have a new job

DIY project wall shelf rolling boards baskets

Honey pattern

DIY wall shelf honey pattern books

DIY Organizer for Canned Jars

preserved glass diy organization ideas

Graphic wall shelf made of recycled materials

graphic wall shelf build recyclable materials yourself

DIY magazine stand

Magazine stand under the shelf

Funny in the nursery

Funny wall design in the nursery diy

Build an angular wall shelf yourself

practical design ideas square wall shelf

Stylish wall design

beautiful diy wall shelf made of wood

Black and white wall shelf

wall shelf itself build black and white

In white painted beverage branches

wall shelf build your own beverage box in white

How will you accept my suggestion to turn old suitcases into a wall shelf? It goes so fast and looks really extravagant and chic.

DIY with suitcases

diy shelf from suitcase green wall

Great DIY design ideas

Surprising design ideas diy wall shelf suitcase

Drill small holes in a wooden board and put rope through. The result will be beautiful.

Effective look

DIY shelf of rope wood bin

Of course you can also use other materials, such as Schlafenbeton Block. They paint colorful and separate from each other by wooden boards.

Using Schlafenbeton Block to build a wall shelf yourself

Schlakenbetonblocke pink wall shelf build yourself

Also by using books you can build a wall shelf yourself. Did you see something like that?

Bring books into use

wall shelf build books yourself

These were my 20 wall shelf ideas for building yourself. And have you already decided? I wish you much success!