Winter hats – funny hats that keep you warm

winter hats mens pink wavy knitted

Winter hats - funny and warm for the cold season

 Knitting and crocheting are no longer just a hobby for your grandma, you can create beautiful clothes in this way and have a lot of fun. Take a look at these funny winter hats and admire the imagination of their authors. The caps are not only failed, but also keep very warm.

As you can see here, cap is not the same cap. Each one has its own special character. Here you can see winter hats for women, men, babies and even for dogs. Some are bearded, others are eyes, ears or horns. There are also some that are reminiscent of famous figures from science fiction films and yet others that can be described as Viking caps. The imagination has no limits. If you can knit or crochet, try copying some models. Maybe you can ask your grandmother or a friend to knit you a winter cap. Who knows, it could be that our caps collection here inspires you for more crazy ideas. Take a look at everything and choose a winter hat that suits you best personally.

Winter hats with a distinctive character:

Gray men's cap with beard

winter hats gray beard

A sweet nursing hat for babies

winter hats baby cap white pink

A little pilot

winter hats baby pilot

Totoro baby hat in gray

winter hats baby totoro cap

Yoda cap for babies

winter hats baby yoda cap

Women's hat - Christmas tree

winter hats ladies christmas tree green

Crochet masks caps - owl and wolf

winter hats owl wolf

Alien creature with many eyes

winter hats women's eyes dark green

Do you recognize Gimli from Lord of the Rings?

winter caps gimli lord of the rings cap

Cap with big eyes

winter hats big eyes girl

Funny cap for skiers

winter hats light green ski running

A charming elf

winter hats mens ears elves cap

The dog becomes a reindeer

winter hats deer antlers cap

A mummy winter hat

winter hats children mummy

Sweet hat with ears for little girls

winter hats kids znöpfe ears

Blue Optimus hat

winter hats optimus crochet cap

A chic knight helmet

winter beanie knight helmet light brown

Knight helmet with scarf function

winter caps knight helmet multifunctional

Colorful peacock hat

winter hats ladies peacock hat knitted

Creepy and scary

winter hats black white creepy

Horn hat with beard

winter hats wikinger horns cap

Cool Viking cap

winter hats viking model orange