Cool wall clocks – fancy pieces for the modern home

Cool wall clocks DIY DIY

Extraordinary, contemporary tricks on the wall at home

Every modern and practical home needs a wall clock to make your everyday life easier and more organized. And you know a better idea for a DIY built-in wall clock, as these the we offer here?

Yes, in this post we give you a great and easy crafting idea for a wall clock. This piece looks very effective. It would immediately catch the attention of your guests, and if completed to your own taste, you will personalize your interior design in a beautiful way.

Make cool wall clocks yourself

Cool modern wall clocks numeral movement

All you need is a clockwork, clock hands, original wooden figure, hot glue and spray.

First, spray the numbers by using different spray colors for a playful look. After that glue them to the wall and fasten the clockwork and the clock hands in the middle of the circle and Voila! - They get a real, useful feat in the living room.

Besides this crafting idea, we have collected more designer cool wall clocks, so you can be inspired by it. Some look so charming and attractive that you could look at them for a long time ..

White fairy tale

Cool wall clocks fireplace decor

wood digits

Cool diy craft wall clocks wooden numeral

Red fan

Cool red green colors wall clocks abstract wind

Cool wall clocks fan red

A la Salvador Dali

Cool wall clocks a la salvador dali

Oversized clock in the staircase - Roman numerals

Cool staircase wall clocks antique staircase

Designer wall clock - antique look

Cool oversized wall clock designer

Cool worn old wall clocks remarkably piece

Colorful dots are playful

Cool wall clocks colorful dots

Industrial and urban

Cool wall clocks date modern

Yellow color design and hurrying people

yellow wall colors wall clocks hurrying people

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The study of an artist

Cool hanging lamp wall clocks metal tables industrial

DIY wall clock with Roman numerals made of metal

wood metal frame wall clocks Roman numerals

Decoration over the mantelpiece

Cool wall clocks black color design

Porcelain teacups instead of numbers

Cool modern wall clocks teacups

The eye-catcher in the living room

Cool wall clocks living room set up