Build garden stairs yourself – 3 simple instructions and practical tips

Stairs are generally among the oldest and most useful inventions in our world and we could barely imagine our everyday life without them. Often they are even architectural masterpieces, designer pieces or creative DIY projects. Today we would like to introduce some original and simple ideas and projects, how to build a garden staircase yourself. Take a look at our picture gallery and instructions and let yourself be inspired.

Usual materials in the construction of a garden staircase

Especially if you are lucky enough to have a garden on the hillside, you will definitely need garden stairs to facilitate easy access. The only question is, what kind of stairs do you want to have and if you can build them yourself?

Of course, challenging projects are more of a task for professional home improvement or bricklayers. Many of the DIY garden staircase ideas are but also by not so experienced or even by amateurs with no prior knowledge to succeed. Below, we also have some simple instructions and tips for you to help you with the actual construction of your garden staircase.

Building a garden staircase yourself is not that difficult!

stone blocks natural stone earth mulch stairs build yourself

The usual materials needed to build a garden staircase yourself are cement, sand, concrete, gravel, natural stones such as granite, slate, limestone or sandstone, and wooden beams or boards. Of the native wood species, lark, oak and Douglas fir are particularly recommended and of the tropical woods rather Teak, Bangkirai, Massaranduba and Cumaru.

Nevertheless, the same rule applies to all types of wood: they should be adequately impregnated and regularly checked for durability. For very creative people, old items are also used, such as old car tires. Also very innovative building materials, such as Resysta z. For example, they also facilitate the construction of an external staircase and ensure perfect comfort and optimal longevity.

What types of garden stairs are there anyway?

In principle, there are the following types of stairs:

  • Stick stairs: the simplest variant, but not particularly durable
  • Stairs only with block steps
  • compact stairs with steps and risers
  • Stairs made of stages

Even more detailed information and tips about the types of stairs and the different approaches to construction as well as about the right relationship between treads and risers you get here.

Large stone blocks are simply great for building a garden staircase

massive stone blocks garden staircase build yourself front yard

You will need these tools in almost all DIY projects of stairs:

Depending on the type of staircase, materials and approach, you will also need different tools for staircase construction. Here we have summarized the most important ones:

  • Spade and shovel
  • rubber hammer
  • ruler
  • trowel
  • masher
  • wheelbarrow
  • bucket
  • spirit level
  • boards


In the following video you can see how to create a garden staircase:

A project made of larch wood by Konrat Klaunzer


A little guide to the garden staircase:

"The roundwoods are about 60 cm long and have a diameter of 12 cm to 14 cm. The steps should be at least 25 cm wide and 4 to 5 cm thick.

One step is connected with stainless steel screws only to the underlying roundwoods. So you can if necessary, even replace individual elements at any time, if a part is rotten earlier.

Of course, you could also use squared lumber instead of round logs.

I myself am a fan of lark wood, also because it is a native wood. I also used it on the house, as well as the garden fence. I also made a compost box with it. " Konrat Klaunzer

And so you build a chic exterior staircase made of granite stones:

Get even more inspiration from the pictures below:

garden steps made of stone slabs natural stones flowerbeds

garden stairs natural stone flagstones landscaping

build garden stairs made of wood and stones yourself

garden staircase build ideas wooden beams pebbles

garden stairs build ideas wooden beams gravel mulch

high-rise garden staircase made of wooden boards and mulch build yourself

wooden beams garden stairs diy idea landscaping

Idea for garden staircase build yourself gravel wooden beam front yard

build small garden staircase of stone blocks yourself

Garden stairs with LED outdoor lighting

Old car tire garden staircase idea with gravel

concrete bricks pebbles garden stairs ideas

diy garden staircase idea with wood and pebbles

wooden beams gravel earth diy idea stairs build

diy project garden staircase build yourself from wooden beams and pebbles

diy project ideas for garden staircase build yourself from natural stones gravel and wood