DIY project: Build your own desk – 25 inspiring examples and ideas

DIY desk yourself build wood DIY projectsExamples that inspire you to build a desk yourself

If you've been working away from home for some time, you're aware of the importance of matching furniture. The desk has, as is well understood, the leading importance.

A custom-made desk can prove too expensive a solution. But this is not your only choice. The following examples show that it is not so difficult to build a great desk yourself.

DIY desk

DIY desk itself build Scandinavian style

Do you need a practical work table for your home office?

DIY desk yourself build wood furniture work table chair

Take finished models and designs as a model

The following examples all have one thing in common. They have been inspired by finished models or interesting designs. Sometimes they look like bought. One is pleasantly surprised to find out what it actually stands for.

A practical desk construction: DIY desk with extra storage space 

DIY desk itself build work table with plenty of storage space

Bring some tables together at the same height

Do you have a few different tables that are at the same height? Maybe you can connect these together. This could result in the ideal workplace with a large desk.

Be creative ...

DIY desk self build workshop atelier work desk

A side table can also be an ideal workplace

Some people prefer to work standing up. Are you one of them? Then you could easily make your desk yourself. You can position a side table over different pieces of furniture and work standing up there.

Working while standing

DIY desk itself build side table

Design simple DIY tables as a desk

Actually, the design of a home-made desk does not always have to be so elaborate. Make everything easy. Build a simple table and simply adjust its height and other dimensions to your needs while working.

Simple desk design made of wood

DIY desk itself build wooden work table

Build a mini desk for laptop itself

How much space do you need on your desk at home? It's enough if you can put a laptop on it. Below are ideas for DIY desks of this type. Some can be closed. Think of the choice of a great color, which peps up the ambience.

Find a clever solution!

DIY desk build yourself wooden cabinet work table

Combine different materials

Furniture must fascinate us. That's why we often do without DIY items in favor of designer furniture purchases. There are some tricks that will make you a truly unique desk yourself. One such is the combining of different materials. Great DIY tables are created by using both vinyl and wood.

Send computer table with glass panel build

DIY desk yourself build glass panel wooden legs

Floating table

Why do not you make a floating desk? You just have to fix it to the wall with the right means. This leaves a lot of free space on the floor.

How to save space ...

DIY desk itself build creative DIY projects

Build a new desk from antique tables yourself

Do you love antique pieces of furniture? Do you have such at home? For example, old tables for sewing machines can be used to build great new desks. They look artful and inspire creative activity.

Rebuild the old sewing machine

DIY desk yourself build work table Singer sewing machine

Play with the functionality

There is also a trend towards multifunctionality with DIY furniture. A desk can also be used for other purposes. It can serve as a shelf or storage area. These and other multifunctional solutions can be seen in the next examples.

Practical solution based on a tool wall

DIY desk itself build wood panel chic color accents

Turn two wooden shelves and a plate into a practical desk

DIY desk yourself build glass top wooden shelves

For this DIY project you only need one wooden plate and 4 wooden boxes

DIY desk build yourself from wooden boxes DIY desk yourself build DIY projects from wooden boxes Desk itself build solid wood and metal legsDIY desk self-build Hozlkisten shelf indoor plantsDIY desk self build home office home accessories self builtDIY desk itself build work desk DIY desk itself build ideas of homemade work bench solid wood DIY desk itself build ideas and examples DIY Desk himself-building-material wood DIY desk itself build furniture from palletsDesk itself build wood panel solid wood drawers metal legsDIY desk self build ideas solid wood panel mounted on the wall