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Funny garden decoration itself make Pflangefäße ideas

Super creative DIY for the garden

Certainly it is just that the plants in the garden contribute to its beautiful appearance. With their natural beauty you can not compare anything. But nothing prevents us to bring in even more atmosphere through great colored DIY plant container projects.

So would you like some DIY decoration ideas in this direction? If so, today's posts will help you take your garden to a whole new level.

So that we do not lose your time, we start with our ideas! Agreed?

We have, as you already understood well, a super good news! You will not have to spend so much money. Also, the time you will invest in watching is worthwhile because of the enjoyment you will feel.

DIY ideas for flower pots from old boots
Make funny garden decoration yourself

Funny-Gartendeko-yourself-making pflangefäße-colorful-boots

These super funny boots have become super great plant containers. Especially the boots with the points we find really great.

Sieves become flower containers on a great and super creative roof terrace. Surely you have a lot of kitchenware that you do not use, right?

Make a flower container out of a chandelier

Funny-Gartendeko-yourself-making pflangefäße-chandelier

Can you imagine a better way to use a chandelier! We on fresh ideas ... actually hardly ... In this really plants were scheduled. Incidentally, that would be a great DIY gift idea from children to parents, do not you think? Or maybe you can realize it together with your little ones.

Muffin cases or ice cream vessels

Funny-Gartendeko-yourself-making pflangefäße-stand

Did you know that this DIY idea is not just in the kitchen can use super well?

Sensational shoe plant containers

Funny-Gartendeko-yourself-making pflangefäße-shelves

Not only rubber boots, but all sorts of old shoes can be used in this way. But best of all you should opt for colored flowers.

Plant setup with DIY ideas in the workplace

Funny-Gartendeko-yourself-making pflangefäße-yellow-chair-table

Do you have a desk that you no longer use? Then you should convert this into a great plant container.

 Did you like one or more DIY ideas? Would you implement them at home? Or have we managed to inspire you to look at other great DIY blogs? Anyway, we wish you a lot of fun with your creative process!

Bags can be wonderfully used as a basis for DIY decoration in the garden

Funny-Gartendeko-yourself-making pflangefäße railings

We learned that when we looked at one of our favorite DIY blogs. So instead of throwing them away, it's better to put them into action this way.

Neon concrete blocks as DIY decoration

Funny-Gartendeko-yourself-making pflangefäße-concrete

Hollow blocks also work wonderfully as a plant container. Such a color will make it look great too.


Funny garden decorations make pots vase

Books and DIY ideas for plant containers

Funny garden decorations make potted colorful wood

Sometimes the books are old, rot and are even eaten by termites. So you can give these great works a second life.

Switch cover plates as a flower container

Funny garden deco yourself making pewter orange blue

It has also been created in this case, from something super original to create a flower container: switch cover plates.

What do you want to do with your old tires? What about flowerpots?

Garden decor itself make Pflangefäße car tires

You can use the tires in many different ways! In your garden, they could find a worthy place as a flower container.

DIY ideas for vessels that For to provide more color

Funny garden deco yourself making metal pots

Drop a few traces of paint on the sides of the canisters. You look really artful and you can plant plants there wonderfully, do not you think?

Small garden with shells

Make your own garden decoration Funny plant pans art

If you want to bring the illusion of the ocean home with a great DIY idea, then put sea-shells in action.


Funny garden decoration itself make potted nature

These animals not only look great, but they can also be wonderfully used as planters in your garden.

Plant container from old SchräPotions

Funny garden decorations make pots accessories

The drawer cabinet will look great when flowers grow out of it, do not you think? This is clearly the most popular DIY idea from this blog.

Floppydisk plant container

Funny garden decoration make yourself ponytail floppydisk

Another great DIY idea, which you can use to make beautiful flower containers from items that are meant for garbage.