& Quot; Turning old into new furniture “- Recycling furniture is fun and good for the environment

Every piece of furniture has its charm and especially if it has already a few days under its belt. Surely you can always get a new piece of furniture, if it does not do the old good piece, but the charisma and uniqueness of an old piece of furniture is priceless.

You do not necessarily have to part with the good piece just because it may have gotten old and looks worn. For example, old pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets and benches can be used to make new, very special items with a few simple tweaks and dexterity. Spicing up old furniture not only creates space for creativity, but is also very environmentally friendly.

"From old new furniture" - A touch of antique

DIY ideas from old make new furniture

The old wooden kitchen table, where beautiful family celebrations were celebrated, the daily breakfast took place and the children played. Its surface is covered with scratches and the paint is brittle. However, it is still no piece of furniture that should be disposed of. How about a whole new paint job? Wooden tables in particular are ideal for making them an eye-catcher of the room in a few simple steps. Once painted, the surface can be sanded down with a grinder and the natural grain of the wood reappears. If you take a breathable glaze in white, paint the table carefully, leaving the paint dry, it looks like new again.

You can spice it up by simply brushing it over with this paint, let it dry and now sandpaper it with the sandpaper (coarse) on all corners and edges of the table and if you want to slightly on the surface, the first layer a little. This gives the table a very special outfit and a touch of antique. Of course you could do the same, and build furniture yourself, which you then later edited as well and refined accordingly. Brushing and sanding the chalk or matt-white is very easy and extremely eco-friendly, if you only use a breathable color without solvents, which incidentally also looks best here.

craft ideas from old make new furniture

Old chair - new seat

Wooden chairs in particular, when used a lot, quickly show signs of wear. The legs wobble, the backrest is loose, or the screws on the armrest and seat loosen again and again. In most cases, however, the color does not like, or the seat is very worn. Again, helps a new coat of paint, the fittings can be renewed and the backrest may be re-glued. The outer fabric of the seat can usually be removed very well, then you look for a new fabric pattern, cut it so that it fits a bit excess on the seat, and put the edges of the fabric with a blunt knife o. Ä. Under the version of seat. If no frame is available, you can also attach the fabric with special padded rivets. And every chair becomes an absolute favorite seat.

Euro pallet bed - from old to new furniture

furniture made of pallets from old make new furniture

Euro pallets as a piece of furniture

From benches, over lying areas for chilling, to the bed. From Euro pallets can be tinker almost every piece of furniture. The standard sizes of the pallets make it very easy to work and cut, and even as a shelf or dresser with drawers, these pallets are true quick-change artists. If, for example, four pallets are stacked on top of each other, they are painted with a light breathable, clear glaze without the addition of solvents, or in any color, you have a wonderful chest of drawers in no time. Simply lay a cut wooden plate or glass plate on the surface, fix it. The respective openings of the pallets serve as drawers, now you only have to regularly search for suitable drawers (bulky refuse etc.), and you have a very unique and cool chest of drawers for every area.

Turn old into new furniture - Re-design the old furniture yourself

remodel old furniture from old make new furniture

Turn old into new furniture

old chair from old make new furniture

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