Suspended ceiling lighting – a trend in ceiling mounting

Suspended ceiling lighting ceiling

The suspended ceilings lighting and how we implement them

The suspended ceiling lighting is a wonderful completion for rooms with various functions: bathroom, study, living room and bedroom. Today we write more about the difficulties involved in installing suspended lighting.

What does the suspended ceiling represent?

The suspended ceiling is made of aluminum rods that connect them to the permanent one. The other constructive elements are the panels. They are attached to the aluminum bars.

Modern Rigips techniques implement each of your ideas

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The subtle and hidden lighting does not irritate the eyes 

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It is one of the cheapest solutions for ceilings at all.


The suspended ceiling brings with it some significant risks and limitations. You can not just hang anything without first modifying it. All types of lights have their own specifics. Every single lamp should be the subject of your own consideration. Today, we are taking steps to successfully attach suspended luminaires to a suspended ceiling.

The concealed lighting on the suspended ceiling accentuates the geometry of the room

Suspended ceiling lighting large room

A successful lighting design requires good planning

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First determine the right place for the pendant lights

Finding the right place for the pendant lights on the ceiling is the first thing you have to do. This is very important, because a subsequent transfer would be very tedious.

The pendant should be positioned according to its function. It must be in a place from which it can evenly distribute light throughout the room.

The easiest way would be to hire experts for this project

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This will give you the best and the fastest results

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In heavy suspended luminaires, it is usually necessary to remove the panels of the suspended construction and then fix the luminaire to the permanent ceiling. If in doubt, this variant is always safer.

The light carriers

As I said, most lights are too heavy for the suspended ceiling itself. Your carriers should be attached to the permanent for this reason. Connect them to the lower part of the lamp thanks to a metal chain or a wire.

... and the result will match your exact ideas

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Maybe your suspended ceiling will be even better than you imagined

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The completion of the installation

At the finish, the hanging lamp on the suspended ceiling should look as if it were hanging directly on the ceiling. To achieve this, you should cut off some spots in the panels. How much and in what form that exactly should happen depends on the style of the lamp. If the luminaire is supposed to look like it is built into the ceiling, then the gap must be so large that the lamp can get through. If you want to hang it under the ceiling, you only need a small hole.

When installing and repairing, be sure to remove enough panels from the ceiling for better access.

You can build the ceiling quite cheap and ordinary

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... or make imaginative and professional

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