Creative crafts with clothespins made of wood

Here comes our second contribution of the series Handicrafts with clothespins. You get another dose of inspiration from our craft ideas with wooden clothespins. Very fast and uncomplicated, one after the other, stylish, eco-friendly home accessories and original decoration are created. Our examples here are with wooden clothespins, but if you feel like it, you can also taste it with plastic clips. For some of the suggestions it will be necessary to remove the metal clips and use only the wooden parts. Very often, however, you can take advantage of the fixing effect of the whole clothespins.

Do you need planters for your plants? We have a handy, free solution for you. Take old tin cans, color them in a matching color and attach the wooden clothespins as shown below. So you get in a jiffy original planters. Of course you can decorate the brackets in a color of your choice.

Original pots made of wooden clothespins

tinkering with clothes pegs wood overpots

Ever wanted to make snow crystals quickly and easily? We have an interesting variant for you. These snowflakes from wood are perfect for window decoration and even as a saucer for your cups or glasses. Use the same craftsmanship as the planters, but this time take small glass containers that you place in the wooden circles.

In this way you get romantic lanterns that you can place anywhere.

Creative snow crystals made of wood

tinker with clothespins. wooden snow crystals

Make round lanterns from clothespins and old tin cans

tinker with clothespins wooden wind lights

Below you can also see how you can create fruit bowls and chic pendant lamps or even a floor-shaped chandelier out of clothespins and with the help of a cable and some metal rings. Take a look at everything and find out how easy it is to design a rustic DIY basket. The funny, biting males who actually serve as clothes hooks are our favorites? Surprise your little ones with it! You can even use this idea for your tinkering with children. Think about where you put the old wooden clothespins last time? Are you still in the basket on the balcony or maybe already in the basement? Definitely find them and watch what you can do with them. Have fun and good luck!

Find empty tin cans

tinker with clothespins wood old tin cans

Attach the clips to the edge of the cans

tinker with clothes pegs instruction tin cans

Chic window decoration

tinker with clothespins window decoration snowflakes

Remove the metal clips

tinker with clothespins wooden diy

Glue the pieces of wood together

tinker with clothespins instruction wood

Make a circle with it

tinker with clothespins glue wood

These snow crystals are also suitable as a coaster

tinker with clothespins wood coasters

Design a multifunctional wooden bowl

tinker with clothespins wood bowl decoration

Obtain a longer cable for this

tinker with clothespins wooden spiral

You can also make the shell flatter

tinker with clothespegs fruit bowl wood

Make elegant lampshade yourself

tinker with clothespins wooden clips lampshade

Cone-shaped chandelier

tinker with clothespins chandelier wood

From below it looks like a wooden bell

tinker with clothespins chandelier lampshade wood

Particularly interesting is the chandelier when lighting

tinker with clothespins chandelier bright

Instructions for a sweet rustic basket

tinker with clothespins rustic basket diy

Funny, biting clothes hooks

tinker with clothespins creative clothes hook

tinker with clothespin coasters