DIY Clock – 13 original ideas with various home accessories

DIY clock bicycle rim and measuring stick

Original DIY clock from different home accessories

Do you find watches intriguing or do you think about them only as indispensable, useful items that strictly and uninterruptedly measure our time and put us under stress? Maybe we can change your mind with our collection of original watches today and help you build your own DIY clock.

As with other DIY projects, you can make creative watches from used items. If you have tin cans of tea, coffee or even mustard, keep them. You'll be surprised what fancy clocks you can build from it. All you need is clockwork and a little manual skill.

Your old bike is not just for bulky waste. No, you can use his chains, rims and spokes very effectively and original for your DIY clock. Old books, rusty rubbing, scratched records and wooden boards or tree trunk discs - all of this can be wonderfully used as a building material for your DIY project.

Take a look at all the ideas for a DIY watch and decide which of them will be the easiest and quickest to implement. What used, old things did you recently throw away and fortunately keep?

From a simple wooden board, you can make a simple DIY clock in a jiffy

diy watches from old wood plank

A chic mustard clock with lid

Diy clocks from tin box mustard

A few chainrings from the old bicycle as a clock frame

diy watches made of chainrings

Paint the old grater in one of your favorite colors and mount the clockwork in the interior

diy watches made of metal grater

You can always use tree trunk disc for a natural look

diy clock made of natural wood

Similar to the mustard tin, the tea caddies are perfect for a DIY clock

diy clock from tea caddies

A thick book can easily be transformed into an original clock

diy watches from old thick book

Here you can see all the necessary tools and materials for the book clock

Creative clock made of tools and materials

A colorful creation for true Lego fans

DIY watches lego variation

A creative Dali inspiration from old record

Creative clock modernist from old vinyl record

If you stand on abstract clocks

Creative watches without numerals

Retro record watches

watch vinyl records with hands