Redesign old furniture – the old sewing machine as vintage furniture

redesign old furniture

Create antique DIY furniture from vintage sewing machines

The creation and integration of vintage furniture is undeniably an art. But this is always more accessible and easier for ordinary people. You could also realize your very own DIY ideas.

We want to help you with concrete examples today.

It's about converting old sewing machines into DIY vintage pieces of furniture.

Remodel old furniture - Transform the old sewing machine

old furniture reshaped diy project

1. DIY side table

The first DIY idea we have prepared for today is a DIY side table. Only the frame of the sewing machine has been used. This one has been provided with black paint and paint. She enrolls in the atmosphere. Its general vintage character is enhanced by the wide use of wood. The floral patterns of the base correspond to many sculptural elements in the room such as candles and the table base.

Practically useful as a side table

refurbish old furniture ideas

2. DIY dressing table

In this case, the project is associated with a little more work. You should also consider the involvement of a craftsman in the project. Because here you have enriched the frame for the typewriter with a plate and side elements. There one has also integrated drawers. The ivory color and the pink are a great female solution. It puts the original function of the sewing machine in the background and emphasizes the vintage character.

To use as a dressing table - a great idea!

old furniture reshaping sewing machine example

3. DIY planter

If you often read our articles on this topic, you will already have noticed that you can actually make a DIY planter out of everything. Unlike the previous two examples, the table has been removed along with the sink. But this is certainly very exquisite and upscale. You practically only need the feet of the sewing machine. It has been attached to the wooden box, this is filled with earth. Then look only suitable plants, which you attach there. The reddish-black shading of the flowers emphasize even more the vintage character of the piece of furniture.

Strong vintage look as a plant container

Plant container from old nagging machine

Now more examples as inspiration ...

Side table in the entrance area

Shake off the old furniture

A great table for the courtyard

old furniture reshaped diy

Beautiful natural wood panel

old sewing machine with natural wood plate

Create a great vintage ambience

Reuse old sewing machine

DIY project: try to make it yourself

framing antique furniture

Use the old sewing machine comfortably as a work table

Design work table from old sewing machine

The lower shelf can also be useful

Side table from old sewing machine

The table top matches the fireplace

the old furniture re-decorated suit the furnishings

Design a desk

use the old sewing machine as a office table

A dressing table with a large mirror

Convert the old sewing machine into a dressing table

Small lamp for the old sewing machine that has been transformed into a work table

Reshape diy old furniture

Fast, easy and great crafting!

great diy idea

Even in the garden, the old sewing machine looks quite useful

DIY plant container from old sewing machine

Replace the sewing machine surface with the old window

DIY project from old sewing machine

Transform into a round dining table

Convert sewing machine into a dining table

Storage for the laptop

DIY old sewing machine in new furniture conversion

Small bookshelf

Great idea for DIY project

Screws and small items visible sorted

great ideas from old reshape

A really great idea!

reshape sinks from old tapes