Reuse tea cups – 30 original crafting ideas for you

tea cups porcelain cake stand

Artful craft ideas - how to creatively use your old teacups?

 Have you ever wondered where to go with the old teacups? No wonder. They all have somewhere in the closet or in the basement porcelain or ceramic dishes - cups, jugs that you have not used for a long time. Either they are already scratched or outdated and look kitschy.

But most teacups or jugs probably mean a lot to you, either because you got them as a gift or because you associate many family memories with them. Then it is understandable that you do not want to throw the tricks just like that. You do not need it either. Awaken the old teacups to a new life!

You'll be surprised how many wonderful home-made items you can make. Take a look at these 30 unique ideas with tea cups and jugs and be inspired.

What can you make from old teacups?

  • cake stand
  • Feeding bowls for the birds
  • Flower pots and planters
  • wall Clocks
  • wall shelves
  • Pendant lights and chandeliers
  • table lamps
  • lanterns

As you've probably seen above, you can use your old porcelain teacups and plates to create very luxurious cake stands for your exclusive celebration. Then you can put down small snacks or cupcakes. The golden frames of the stands give the ambience additional glamor.

Stylish food bowls for the little birds

tea cups with saucers and wooden bars

You can also use very simple teacups

tea cups as food bowls

Fix the cup very well to a metal bar

mugs plain with metal bar

For the small herb garden

tea cups as herbal garden

For the wall shelf you should fix the cups with the handles down

teacups wall decoration flowers pattern

Here you can see exactly why

tea cups on the wall to hang things up

An artful, unusual idea

tea cups bangles decoration made of china

An eclectic chandelier to amaze

teacups fancy chandelier

Minimalist beautiful in white

tea cups from white porcelain reading lamp

Modern and elegant in pastel colors

teacups colorful chandelier

Porcelain pendant lamp made of cup and bowls

mugs elegant pendant lamp

DIY wall clock with porcelain cups

mugs elegant wall clock with golden clock hands

The old tea set becomes a table lamp

teacups stacked with filigree patterns

Every teacup contains a pendant light

teacups as pendant lights

It does not bother if the tea cups and the jug have completely different patterns

mugs great dishes chandelier

Design your very own wall clock

teacups large wall clock

From below, the cups look even more beautiful

tea cups hanging lamps with saucers and cane

You can also enrich your creations with other porcelain items

tea mugs ornate bastellampe

Or just use a porcelain pot as a lamp base

mugs lamp-foot pink teapot

The fine teacup looks very romantic on this rusty frame, right?

teacups reading lamp lampshade

 The handles of the cups are perfect as a hook 

tea cups original order system on the wall

Do you need some original flowerpots? 

tea mugs sweet overflowers on the wall

Teapots in different sizes can be stacked on top of each other

teacups teapots in black

Just pour some candle wax into the cups and do not forget the candle wick

teacups tealights

As Lampfuß are different pieces of crockery

Tea cups and can as a lamp stand

Feel free to choose the height, colors and patterns of your lamp feet yourself

tea cups and teapots as elegant lamp feet

Gorgeous with pearls and crystals

teacups chandelier with pearls and crystals

Individual hanging lamps can be tied together

tea mugs like lamps ostrich

Enjoy these creative teacup items!

teacups as pendant lamp clocks and tealights