Sustainable consumption and clever recycling of plastic bags

sustainable consumption green seat cushions crochet plastic bags

Sustainable consumption – think globally, act locally!

Have you read our article about plastic art? In this we have already explained the immense spread of plastic waste and gave you some great ideas for recycling and reusing plastic straws. Sustainable consumption is our topic again today.

Never think that you are too weak and unimportant and can not make a difference to our environment. They have a very important role to play, and that of consumers. You can do a lot with your actions. Start now by making useful plastic objects and original decorations from old plastic bags. Here are some great ideas for you. Take a look at what you can crochet or make from plastic.

 Stylish pendant lamp make yourself

Sustainable consumption round hanging lamp

How do you find these chic seat cushions that you see above? Would not it be nice to have some of them on the balcony? Storage baskets and bowls made of plastic bags are also very original, sustainable living items that are not only useful for your home but are also gentle to nature. Maybe you also need an elegant pendant lamp or a table lamp? No problem, you can create them with different crafting techniques. We especially liked the delicate plastic Gerbera. How about a sustainable bouquet of it?

Do you know that many of the objects that surround us are made from recycled plastic bags? This is the case with shoes, plastic chairs, pipes, pens and many others. Last year, for example, about 854 million plastic bags were recycled and the largest recycling plant in the US Hilex has more than 30,000 units, where you can hand over used bags for further processing.

 Crochet colorful storage baskets from plastic bags

Sustainable consumption storage basket crochet plastic bags

In addition, you can also do something important against climate change. Keep your hands away from the disposable plastic bags! According to the Federal Environmental Agency, about 65 plastic bags per capita are consumed every year in Germany. That corresponds to a usage of 10 000 bags per minute nationwide. This puts Germany, together with Italy, Spain and Great Britain, among the front runners when it comes to plastic bag consumption.

So, it’s high time to change this statistic, right? Simply upgrade to reusable shopping bags and trade more sustainably when shopping. Reusable shopping bags made of cotton, jute or canvas are highly recommended. They are robust and can be used for a very long time, which makes them ecologically more advantageous. Do not be indifferent – make your choice now for a cleaner environment and a better future!

This is how it’s done

sustainable consumption plastic crochet shell basket

Plastic bags are also perfect for smaller office containers

sustainable consumption plastic bags crochet baskets

Rustic bowl – cleverly crocheted

Sustainable consumption braided crocheted baskets

Spiral crocheting

Sustainable consumption crochet baskets plastic bags

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

sustainable consumption bowl crochet plastic

Round pendant lamp in black and white

Sustainable consumption pendant light plastic bags

Elegant lamp creation from bags

sustainable consumption hanging lamp plastic huts

Comfortable with a clear conscience

sustainable consumption plastic bags crochet seat cushions

Original wall decoration in fresh colors

Sustainable consumption plastic bags wall decoration

Artificial floral wreath of plastic

sustainable consumption tinkering plastic bags

Exotic flower in pink

sustainable consumption artificial flowers plastic bags

Minimalist table lamp in black and white

sustainable consumption plastic bags modern table lamp

The table lamp in detail

sustainable consumption table lamp plastic black white

Stylish in every moment

Sustainable consumption table lamp plastic bags

This table lamp fits almost every interior

Sustainable Consumption Minimalist Table Lamp Plastic Bags

Crochet colorful coasters from old plastic bags

Sustainable consumption coasters plastic bags

Delicate gerbera in bright colors

sustainable consumption gerbera colorful plastic bags

They almost look like real, right?

Sustainable consumption violet gerbera plastic bags

Feast of the colors of plastic

crochet sustainable consumption plastic bags flowers

Sky blue and celadon green

sustainable consumption plastic flowers

Just as painted!

Sustainable consumption of delicate blue floral plastic bags