Fleas in the apartment – What helps against fleas?

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If you have the Fleas in the apartment wants to fight, everything looks as if you have an invisible opponent. You feel her presence every time the dog is scratching. But how can you solve this budget problem?

If you do not want to contact experts, do not give up on removing these pests yourself!

The first and most recent method is to use the most effective means against fleas.

Or use the traditional recipes for it. In this way you can interrupt their multiplication until you call experienced people.

How to fight the fleas that have infested your dog
Fleas in the apartment

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Use garlic or apple cider vinegar. Add a little bit of vinegar to your dog's water bowl so that his coat gets sour and the fleas will immediately escape.

If you do not have a dog but a cat at home, do not add vinegar to the drinking water. Simply wash in a solution of water and vinegar.

Wipe off the surfaces

Fleas in the apartment surface vinegar

common salt

Wash the carpets and runners in hot water. After they are completely dry, sprinkle them with table salt. The explanation is the following - the fleas eat salt, lose water and die.

The problem with this is that this method is effective against the moths, but not against the larvae. That's why you should repeat the whole procedure.

Clean the floor covering and all surfaces with salt water as well as the sleeping place of your pet.

Keep everything clean

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This remedy is very effective but harmful to dogs and cats. Eucalyptus leaves should be cooked over low heat.


Fleas in the apartment cat

White earth

If you live in a house with a yard, that's a good option. Just buy white soil and mix it with this in your garden

White earth

white earth fighting garden fleas

Lemons and water

You need four lemons here. Mix this with two liters of water and wash the flooring regularly with this liquid. That will keep the cheeky fleas away.

Use home remedies

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