Garden house build yourself – Welcome to the Shire!

Build your own garden house - cute hobbit holes for real fantasy fans

Even as children, we all wanted to build a garden house ourselves, right? Some of us were even lucky enough to have a fairy-tale tree house with the help of their parents. There was a lot of playing, dreaming and raging. It is remarkable how small garden houses retain their strong fascination, even for adults. Ever since Tolkien introduced us to his fabulous fantasy world with his "Lord of the Rings", a real Hobbit hype prevails everywhere. The Shire enchants with picturesque landscapes, the funny hobbits and especially with their cute dwellings - the Hobbit Holes. They are usually made of wood and clay and built into the earth. On the roofs, lush, green grass grows and magnificent flowers bloom everywhere, green ivy meanders and large pumpkins grow in between. The front door and the windows are always round and painted in fresh colors. Stone slabs pave the path to the door and the cozy front garden invites you to linger.

Build a garden house yourself - live like a hobbit in the Shire

garden house build wooden house round door hobbies

It is really no wonder that many people around the world want to build such a hobbit garden house themselves. So also the Brit Ashley Yeates from Bedford. The whole project took about a year. He and his partner did it together and shared everything in detail on their blog. Take a look at everything here, if you like.

It explains in more detail how the actual hole can be dug up and how big and wide it should be. Which building material was used and how the problem with the water seal was solved. You can also see how the two hobbit fans designed the interior. Who knows, maybe you also think of a great idea how to build your own hobbit garden house yourself.

An eternal summer fairytale

hobo himself build hobbit lord of the rings

Especially if you have children, you will make them really happy. Children love fanciful dwellings and you will be able to teach the little ones how nice it is to be creative and to have visions that can be achieved with joy and purposeful actions.

Have fun and a good luck!

Natural house made of clay and wood

hobbit house garden house build your own round doors clay wood garden fence

Just come in!

garden house build yourself hobbit house round door window

The Sweet Hobbit Garden House by Ashley Yeates

garden house build hobbit round door wood grass flower pumpkin

garden house itself build hobbithaus holzmaterial

garden house build hobbithaus wood flooring round door opening

hobbies build their own round door pebbles

And that's how the Hobbit House by Kristie Wolfe looks like in Washington

garden house build hobbit house kristie wolfe washington

Your cozy bedroom

garden house build hobbit house bedroom bed kristie wolfe washington

The proud resident

hobbit-house-round-Door wood-clay-kristie-wolfe-washington

Hobbit wooden houses for children

garden house itself build hobbit house children play

garden house build natural stone wood round door opening

garden house build wooden house round door tree trunks flowers

garden house build hobbithaus round door natural stones

garden house build organic shapes wood round door hobbies

garden house build hobbit children games wood stones green plants

hobbit house garden house wood flowers flagstones

hobbit house build himself wood grass usa montana

garden house build hobbishaus grass wood natural stones