Make fake blood yourself – the ultimate DIY idea for last minute Halloween

Thick and dark or rather light red and sparkling - blood is just part of every spooky Halloween decoration. Because it's extremely expressive, almost everything can be extremely horribly and eerily decorated - entrance, bathroom, walls, faces and clothes, dining table and even the food and drinks on the Halloween buffet. Although you can buy fake blood in many craft shops and other specialized shops on-site or online, it would be super easy and fast if you make fake blood yourself. Unlike expected, you need only a few ingredients and no previous knowledge or skills.

Making fake blood yourself: the basic principle

The secret of proper consistency of artificial blood is often in flour or cornstarch. These foods thicken the fluid and give it a much more authentic appearance. Add water and food coloring and stir well with the whisk. To the red food coloring you can give a few drops of blue and even a little yellow. So you get a specific red nuance, which looks very similar to the real blood. Such a fake blood can then be stored and used for about three days.

You can take both powder food coloring, as well as a liquid

Art blood itself make starch food coloring idea

Apart from this basic recipe, there are still a lot of methods on how you can make fake blood yourself. We will tell you today two of our favorites. It's about two edible fake blood variants. The first one is delicious with honey and the second one is not only delicious but vegan as well. The artificial blood produced in this way can be used above all where food and drink come into play - on plates and glasses or near the mouth.

You can even sprinkle pies, cakes, cupcakes, and many other delicacies for an even craziier Halloween mood.

How about bloody tears as a scary Halloween make-up?

makeup tips make halloween kunstblut itself

Make fake blood yourself with honey

For this you need:

  • bright honey
  • red food coloring
  • very little blue food coloring
  • Maple syrup or water
  • some flour

And this is how you proceed:


Make vegan fake blood yourself

Vegan frieks, watch out! Make your own Halloween decoration with this simple version for fake blood yourself. Because it is not only unreal, but even completely free from animal suffering. So, only to!

For this you need:

  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • some water
  • red food coloring
  • cocoa powder

In the video below you can see how it all works!


How to best apply artificial blood?

For an optimally authentic effect, you should also apply the artificial blood accordingly. This is best done with the right tools. Brushes, sponges, spray bottles and even watering cans or buckets are available to choose from, depending on the decorated object and the particular project. Basically, the rule is: with more precise elements, such as bloody tears, nose, mouth or a horrible larynx cut, you should use rather thick artificial blood. And vice versa for larger areas, such as tablecloths or carpets, which you want to make scary. There is more of a thin consistency suitable.

Make fake blood yourself and make for more scary Halloween

After preparing a satisfactory amount of fake blood yourself, you can get started on the right job. Now it's all about ingenuity and imagination. In the next lines you will also find some original decoration ideas and tips on how to create your very scary Halloween atmosphere at home.

Tip: Gauze bandages or other gauzy fabric, soaked in fake blood, are perfect as a perfect tablecloth for Halloween buffets or to decorate the staircase, entrance and walls. Thus, you will shake your guests from the very beginning with very little effort and give the festive atmosphere an unmistakable gray note.

Make fake blood yourself and decorate everything for Halloween

Art blood make halloween decoration diy ideas yourself

Scary deco idea: You can smear one of your hands and one of your feet with fake blood and leave bloody prints here and there. The best are old bedspreads, tablecloths, paper lamps or shower curtains and towels, which you can easily hang up in your bathroom before your Halloween party. An old Euro pallet in the garden in front of the entrance, presented with fake blood brings even more drama and sets everyone on the feast of horror.

You can still add scary labels with fake blood to the paper lamps

make paper lights halloween deko kunstblut yourself

No ..., what looks like fake blood is just red candle wax!

diy halloween deco ideas make art blood yourself

With fake blood can still do a lot of scary! You can and should decorate the Halloween buffet with fake blood, as shown in the picture below.

Thick artificial blood is ideal for decorating the glass edges

Art blood itself make halloweendeko ideas

Take a look at all the terrible decorating ideas from our picture gallery and get plenty of bloody Halloween inspiration!

Cry and celebrate beautifully!

Happy Halloween wishes you the editors!

Many sweet fruit jams are perfect as fake blood

making halloween cake baking art blood yourself

Spooky desserts on Halloween with fake blood

halloween dessert recipe make art blood yourself

Art blood itself make halloween bueat

make art blood yourself halloween cupcakes

Art blood yourself make vampire cocktail idea

Happy Halloween!

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