Building a terrarium yourself – ideas and inspirational examples

terrarium build glass moss water

Build a terrarium yourself? What do you need for that?

Did you read the first article on fresh ideas about ornate terrariums? It seems to have appealed to most people so much that we decided to make a second contribution to this topic.

Today you can see even more funny vessels whose exhibition is worthwhile.

Furthermore, you will find great ideas here, what you can use. Start with trifles and over time you will certainly be bolder and you will spread your terrarium treasures throughout your living area.

Are you looking for ideas for ornate terrariums?

terrarium itself make ideas glass vessel

This terrarium here is a DIY! Would not you be happy about such a gift? Finding the perfect vessel for a terrarium is half the job.

This vessel with a ball at the top is extra special

terrarium build glass with ideas empty

These terrariums are smaller, but the effect is no less captivating. Put on a shelf next to a stack of books or group three of them on a coffee table

terrarium itself build artfully interesting fill with succulents

Here we see a simple and inexpensive vessel. Make sure that children do not have access to it because they could get hurt

terrarium-own-build-glass sphere-empty

In this form as here, it makes a strong statement. It was set up on a solid, perfectly polished metal stand.

I think this composition will fit wonderfully in a traditional room

terrarium build glassphere podium small

You can also change the colors of the glass and thus you can also contribute to the variety of home.

Keep the color of the wall in mind, if you choose to do it or not

Mason Jar Terrarium build yourself

Here comes my personal favorite. This is a great investment. You will never tire of its great wooden ball

terrarium build glass with holzdekel round empty

The polished metal surfaces are great and modern and these glasses make fantastic terrarium containers.

These glassware is definitely one of my favorites

terrarium build glass with metal lid tube empty

Here is a great terrarium for beginners. It would perfectly fit into traditional and modern country houses

terrarium ideas candlestick pebbles flowers

Beautiful, green and effusive green sea glass provides shine when used in the right way with layers of earth and sand

terrarium ideas sea glass stones decoration elements

I prefer to use white sand with shells of sea animals for my terrarium projects. But this pure version is also beautiful

terrarium itself build glass plastikdekel mussels

Do you live somewhere near the beach? Find small pieces of driftwood to realize your projects. If not, then you could buy a few online

terrarium craft ideas driftwood decoration elements ideas

With modern, minimalist terrariums, a nice object over sand or earth can contribute to a relaxing effect

terrarium build wood stones deco deko ideas

Here we see a small white porcelain house, which you can immerse in your terrarium to achieve a more quirky effect

terrarium build mini plastic house deco decoration ideas

Here we see a small toadstool made of porcelain. This is a great addition to any terrarium.

Cut off the string and place it in sand or earth

terrarium build mini plastic fly agaric decoration elements ideas

Make the care of the terrarium easier by these metal masters! Do you like this version with a simple air plant, which has been supplemented by a few sea shells and moss? Such a project can be created wonderfully and you can also attach it.

Make the care of the terrarium easier!

terrarium ideas vessels care instruments

This plant is absolutely exquisite in detail.

The version here is from Paula Hayes, but it can be considered the ideal inspiration for your own make-at-home version

build terrarium glass sphere shells sekkulente moss sand

Finally, I would like to show you this very special mixture of moss, lichen, air plants and driftwood. Combined with a few fresh herbs, this is a masterpiece.

What will your masterpiece look like and where will you position it?

                terrarium build glassphere stones sekkulenten driftwood