Make flower pots for outside

Flower pots for outdoor crafting planter small ideas

Make some flower pots or larger planters to refresh the garden design yourself and to liven it up for the spring. See here how to quickly, easily and inexpensively create original planters for the garden.

 Flowerpot from an old teapot

outside crafting flower pots planters large sunflowers

Do not throw away the old teapot! Clean them and decorate them with stickers after the napkin technique.

Paint colorful flower pot with nail polish

In a bucket, mix different colors of nail polish. Then take an old flowerpot and dip it in the bucket. The other method is to dye the flowerpot only partially.

A flowerpot made of coconut

Outdoor flower pots planters large earth

If you're a fan of the exotic fruits, you might find coconuts at home that are perfect for hanging planters. After you completely clean and decorate them, you just need to drill two holes for the rope and let them hang.

Made of wood block

Use old wooden logs or logs to make effective flower pots for your houseplants.

Make flower pots for outside

Outdoor flower pots tinker balcony

Old books as flowerpots

Outdoor flower pots tinker books

Welcoming planters on your doorstep

Outdoor flower pots tinker entrance

Yellow painted flowerpot

Outdoor flower pots tinker yellow

Decorative grass

Outdoor flower pots tinker grass

Rustic piece of wood

Outdoor flower pots tinker wood

Interesting clay pots and wooden bowls as flowerpots

Flower pots stair outside crafting tubs

Wooden ladder as a flower stand

Flower pots tinker metal outside

Create a rural touch through wooden blocks

outside tinkering planters big tree trunk flowerpots

Paint feminine flower patterns yourself

Flower pots outside craft planters large flowers

Coconuts as hanging pots   Flower pots outside tinker planters big hanging

Rope as a hanging means

Outdoor flower pots planters big coco

Variety of indoor plants

Flower pots outside craft planters big rope

Exotic crafting idea for gardeners  Outdoor flower pots planters large succulents

Use the old women's bags for a new purpose

outside crafting flower pots small flower pots

Teapot as a flower container

outside crafting planter small decor flower pots

Useless kitchen vessels

Flower pots garden corner outside craft planter small

Reuse tires   Flower pots outside crafting planter small tire car

Boulders and pebbles use

Flower pots outside crafting planter small butterfly

pebbles outdoors crafting planters small stones flower pots

The already finished flowerpot

outside tinker flowerpot small teapot

Moss and grass

Lemon flowerpots tinker fabric outdoors

Elegant teacups

Flower pots elegant tinker teacup outdoors

Ceramic flowerpots - pattern

Outdoor flower pots tinker clay

Compact planter with clothespins

Outdoor flower pots make clothespins