Coconut flower hanging pot – a great craft idea for your home

make hanging flower pot yourself

Coconut flower hanging pot - a great craft idea for your home

Have you ever wondered where to go with the coconut shell? If, for example, you would like to make a hanging flower pot yourself, we have a great crafting idea for you.

What do you need for the coconut hanging flower pot?

  • coconut shell
  • hand drill
  • Threads or cord 4 × 74 cm
  • 4 wooden beads
  • Acrylic colors of your choice
  • adhesive
  • small bowl ring
  • potting soil
  • Succulents, cactuses or other small plants

Coconut hanging flowerpot - How is it made?

If you have already taken the coconut shell apart in half, first glue the tape in the desired shape to the surface. This makes it easier and more accurate to decorate with acrylic paints. After the colors have dried, drill 5 holes in the shell - one hole on the bottom for casting out and four more evenly spaced for hanging on the edge.

 As a base, you can use a thicker book or similar object

hanging flowerpot diy craft idea

Geometric shapes in blue nuances are a good variant for decoration

paint hanging flower pot

Add a wooden bead to each string as shown below

Flower pot with sisal rope

Now only the four string ends remain to be brought together and tied to the bowl ring

flower pot filled with earth

Stonecrop, rookery and other succulents just go perfectly with the hanging flower pot

hanging flower pot for succulents

You can attach the coconut flowerpot anywhere

hanging flower pot made of coconut halves

Great idea, right? Now you already know how your coconut shell gets a second chance and becomes a beautiful hanging flower pot.