Paper stars make Christmas or New Year’s Eve: simple instructions in text and image

Would you like to make beautiful paper stars for your festive Christmas decorations at home or at work? Well, then you are absolutely right here. Because today we have a very simple guide in text and image ready for you. For this cheap DIY craft project, you need very simple tools and materials that you most likely already have at home. Based on the easy instructions, you can create a lot of paper stars as an original decoration for Christmas, New Year's Eve or why not for the summer party. Depending on your taste, you can design the stars in different colors and sizes and even complement them with fairy lights or other elements and stage them even more spectacularly.

One or perhaps several paper stars are the ideal last-minute gift that the recipient can attach directly to the Christmas tree or over the festive table. So you not only give away one of the most important Christmas symbols at all, but also your own, lovingly used time and attention, which carry DIY gifts in general.

Make paper stars and create a beautiful Christmas decoration

wall decoration paper stars tinker with christmas

Make stars easy

Making Christmas stars is definitely fun for all ages, and in most cases is very easy, though it may look a bit more complicated in the beginning. That's exactly the case with these 3D paper stars. Read all the steps in the manual, look at the pictures and the video below and you'll be convinced for sure.

Depending on the occasion, the decor or your own taste, you can choose different colors and patterns for the paper. At the end of the finished paper stars you can see both sides of the paper and therefore you should think in advance about which colors and patterns you would like to combine.

Materials and tools:

  • 7 equal square / A4 pieces of paper
  • scissors
  • Tacker or paper glue
  • Tape for hanging
  • Clothespin - as desired for sticking together

Simple and cheap materials and tools

paper stars crafting materials scissors paper glue ruler

And this is how it's done:

Let's start with the star star of the paper star: from each square of paper you make a star. And how? Very easily. At the bottom of the video you will see everything in detail step by step.

Step 1:

All paper squares are folded in the following way: With the colored side facing inwards, bring the two opposing corners together to form a triangle. Repeat the same with the remaining two opposite corners. Press all paper edges nicely and firmly with your hand.

Paper squares are first made from the A4 sheets

paper stars tinker to christmas paper fold diy craft ideas

So you get an even smaller triangle of paper

paper stars basten as christmas decoration craft idea

Step 2:

Now the scissors are used. Make three or more incisions at the same distance from each other, reaching a maximum of 1 cm to the edge of the paper. The longer these cuts are, the more airy and voluminous the paper star will look. And if you want a star that looks more delicate and delicate, then you can also make several cuts in the paper.

Depending on your taste, make the paper stars finer or coarser

paper stars make triangles out of paper

Step 3:

Start gluing. Fold each square of paper apart and glue together or staple the resulting strips at their tips. This creates a kind of rings out of the paper strips. When fixing, you can use clothespins as an aid. Glue the strips of paper together alternately on the front and back side. Start from the center and work your way outwards.

So all seven paper squares should look like after cutting

paper stars tinker squares diy craft ideas for christmas

You can also use a small hot glue gun

Paper stars made easy with glue

And so you get seven beautiful star tips

paper stars tinker at christmas last minute gift ideas

Step 4:

After all seven star tips are folded, start gluing together. All are glued or stapled together and there, where the outermost strips were previously glued together. If you leave it that way, you have a kind of paper garland that makes a great Christmas decoration. If you want to continue to the paper star, then go to step 5.

Glue the individual star prongs together

Paper stars tinkering instructions

Step 5:

Summar the lower points of the star points and staple them firmly. Now it only remains to close the paper star. Namely, one sticks or staples the last two star tips together. If desired, you can attach the tape to the star with a hole punch. And done!

So put the paper star together at the end

Paper stars tinker as a Christmas decoration at home

make paper stars make star tips out of paper yourself

paper stars tinker star prongs glue together

tinker and hang paper stars

In different sizes, combined with atmospheric fairy lights, the paper stars made by you are suitable as a beautiful wall decoration for Christmas or New Year's Eve. Simply fantastic! Try it yourself!

Have fun crafting and celebrating!

Making paper stars is fun

Make paper stars and combine them with fairy lights

And again follow the whole crafting process down here in the video: