Build your own shower – cool DIY garden shower made of europallets

shower itself build pallets wood

Practical outdoor showers made from existing materials

Cool, funny crafting idea for the summer - a homemade shower made of old pallets. Great way to enhance garden design and take a refreshing shower after the hot day.

Build your own shower

garden shower europaletten shower building

Necessary materials

  • euro pallets
  • Boards for the frames
  • Sandbox and foundation stones
  • Four pillars
  • clamps
  • Hammer / screwdriver
  • Nails and screws
  • Shower curtains, rods and hooks
  • Garden pipe and a shower head


Easy to tinker

garden shower europaletten shower self construction

Get ready! How can you actually build an outdoor shower yourself?

Choose a suitable area in your garden and set the sandbox (slightly larger than the pallets) and attach the pallets there. Use a bit of concrete to hold the construction.

Shower head and shower curtain

garden shower diy europaletten shower build yourself

Sturdy pallets as floor

garden shower diy europallets shower self build base

Take a fresh shower

garden shower diy europallets shower shower headFight the summer heat

shower self build garden shower diy europaletten

Wooden pallets, wooden frames and concrete   garden shower nature europalletten shower build yourself

Alternative garden showers shower-own-build pallets-wood-backyard

Factual structure in the backyard

shower yourself build pallets wood nature

Rain shower is even better

shower itself build pallets wood privacy