Make fidget spinners yourself: 5 original and simple DIY ideas

Declared by some as the successor of the Rosary or the Rubik's Cubes, perceived by others as nonsense, the Fidget Spinner is also seen almost everywhere in this country. The little spinning gadget comes, as one might expect, from the USA. And although it has neither the sacral meaning of the prayer beads nor the intellect requirements of Rubik's Cubes, it is undoubtedly the hottest trend in anti-stress toys ever!

Fidget Spinner: What is that?

The design of this anti-stress tool is simple and ingenious at the same time. When spinning, the soothing toys are reminiscent of small fans that you can carry in your hand. Fidget means to German actually "restlessness" and spin means as much as "spinning" or "swirling" - gyro, so.

Antistress tool that is also a lot of fun

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Basically, a fidget spinner consists of a ball bearing and two, three or more outer wings, which are provided with weights and may also have their own ball bearings. In this way, you can easily hold the toy between your thumb and index finger or middle finger and rotate with the fingers of the same or the other hand.

Advanced perform during the rotation also further movements with the hands or even with the whole body.

Many Fidget Spinner fans often organize exciting competitions and parties

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Make a cool fidget spinner yourself

Although the little things are not really expensive and can be bought almost everywhere, it's even more fun to make them yourself. So you can create your own individual design and not only relax while spinning, but also enjoy your creation with satisfaction.

Fidget spinners can be made from many materials and objects - plastic, wood, cardboard, liquid metal, coins, bottle caps - just to name a few.

Make an original Batman Fidget Spinner yourself

Make batman fidget spinner yourself

Compact, metal spinners - very small, but fine

diy vidget spinner ideas to make yourself

The therapeutic benefit promised by the manufacturer of the spinner is currently not scientifically proven, but one thing is absolutely certain - the toy makes great and small a lot of fun and is bought and tinkered in large quantities.

Do you still have none? Well, maybe it's time to get one or do it yourself. Take a look at the great video tutorials below and let your imagination and creative power run wild!

Much craftsmanship and a good luck!

Noble centri fidget spinner

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Many brands also like to advertise with the Fidget Spinners

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And creative minds are always inventing newer designs and models

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   And 3 easy ways to make your own fidget spinner yourself:

Make glitter and glamor for spinning yourself:

And this is how you create a cool Batman-Fidget-Spinner:

Fidget spinner made of liquid metal:

Antistress toy with coins and hot glue: