Creative Flower Pots – 11 cool ideas for decorating your flowers

creative flower pots metallic deco carriage

Creative flowerpots to imitate

We present you some ideas today, like you creative flowerpots can shape. The care for your flowers is of course of utmost importance. But having beautiful planters is not to be underestimated. Today we will show you some original ideas how to decorate your flowerpots in a very interesting way.

A popular technique creative flowerpots is the napkin technique or decoupage technique called. Very easy and fast you get artful pots with motives of your choice. When beautifying your pots, you can use just as wallpaper or wrapping paper leftovers.

If you have some tiles, stones or pieces of ceramics left over from construction or renovation, you can apply beautiful mosaics to the flower pots. If you have colorful textiles at home decorate the pots and round off with rhinestones, lace and stickers of your choice.

Of course, you also need imagination and skill, but what really matters is the joy of creating and the desire to decorate. We promise you creative flowerpots To design, can be really fun. Try it yourself and stay inspired.

 Original and unusual from roots

creative flower pots tree root overcaps

Colorful with napkin technique

painted creative flower pots napkin technique

Unconventional with blue roses

creative flowerpots blue roses

Decoupage to admire

original flowerpots decoupage

Fine knitting work

original flowerpots knitted colorful

Puristically made of wood

creative flowerpots wood white

Masterly in the Indian style

original flowerpots indian style

Delicious decoration with fabric and paper

original flower pots pasted fruit vegetables

Colorful pebbles and delicate flowers

original flowerpots basket natural stones

Velvet and gold

original flowerpots red velvet gold