Europallet furniture – 49 original DIY ideas to imitate

You've probably already seen DIY furniture and other items made of Euro pallets. Maybe you even have some yourself. The euro pallet as a material, however, is an infinite topic that we will treat again today. It is up to you how you will use this material. Depending on your style of furnishing, you can leave the Euro pallets in their natural color, stain them or paint in a color of your choice. In the first case, it would be better to buy new pallets and otherwise you can use quietly used ones. No matter which variant you choose, your strength and time in the production of furniture will definitely be worthwhile. Take a look at all the ideas in our collection and let your imagination run free. You will see that europallet furniture is very light and relatively quick to construct.

Build original furniture from europallets yourself

europalette furniture ideas pictures collage

The Euro pallet in the living room

Let's start with the living area where we spend the greater part of our free time. Here you can place especially original coffee tables made of Euro pallets with or without wheels as well as comfortable sofas and armchairs. Not infrequently, but also sideboards, bookshelves, dressers and partitions can be seen.

Use soft padded seat cushions and arrange it to your liking. So your living room will look stylish and original at the same time. The extra bonus for you will be a clear conscience that you have been environmentally friendly in your interior design.

Original coffee table with hairpin legs

europalette coffee table bin metal legs

The Euro pallet in the bedroom

Here you have again a broad commitment to the Euro pallets. You can make almost anything out of it - bed frame, headboard, bedside tables, chest of drawers, make-up table, bedside table and even the actual wall paneling. Below you will see some great ideas for some of these pieces of furniture. Use them as inspiration and create your own DIY bedroom furniture.

Elegant headboard made of light wood

europalette diy headboard light wood

The euro pallet in the bathroom

In this area, Euro pallets are once again proving to be very practical and effective. You can use it to build wall shelves, towels and even wash cabinets. A good tip would be to subsequently paint them with special polishes or colors to make them waterproof.

The Euro pallet in the kitchen

Mainly sturdy dining tables and chairs made of Euro pallets are made. Other good ideas are also kitchen shelves and even entire kitchen islands. Here would also be the ideal place for an elegant wine rack with extra space for the wine glasses.

Rustic DIY kitchen equipment

europallette kitchen shelf plate

The Euro-pallet in the outdoor area

Although the europallets are pretty weatherproof, here again is the tip that we have given you for the bathroom. Use water-repellent paints and varnishes to keep your furniture in good condition for a long time. You can make cozy sitting areas in your garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. Build armchairs, chairs, stools, sofas and benches made of europallets. You can also use it to make comfortable swings or hanging beds that you attach with metal chains or with ropes.

As you can see, there are almost no limits. Everything is literally in your hands. All you need is Euro pallets, a modest dose of hand skill, a bit of patience and a pinch of creativity.

Cool wooden swing with ropes

europalette diy swing ropes

Portable, square coffee table in white

wooden pallet living room white coffee table roll

Sophisticated balcony furniture

wooden pallet sofa armchair coffee table terrace

Bed frame made of europallets in celadon green

wooden pallet bed bed bench bedroom

Bookshelf and chest of drawers in one

wooden pallet bookshelf wheels dresser

Colorful hall wardrobe

wooden pallet colorful hallway wardrobe

Smart bathing facility in natural color

wooden pallet bathroom dresser shelves wooden boxes

If you stand on the Union Jack

wooden pallet coffee table black union jack

Practical solution for small rooms

europallette diy pull-out sofa upholstery

Cool side table with storage space

europalette diy coffee table wheels stained

Original bedroom furniture made of europallets

tinker diy diy double bed

Robust dining table in a natural look

europalette diy dining table sturdy

Blue garden sofa with ropes

europalette diy garden bench ropes colorful pillows

Cozy sitting area in the garden

Europalette DIY garden furniture sofa stool table

Casual garden sofa with cushions and roll cushions

europalette diy garden sofa

Lemon yellow bench with upholstery

europalette diy garden sofa yellow beige upholstery

Great outdoor furniture in country style

wooden pallets diy garden table armchair sofa country house

Suspended bed under the pergola

wooden pallets diy hanging sofa metal chains

Simple kitchen shelf

wooden pallet diy kitchen shelf

Stable couch with metal chains

europalette diy lounger metal chains

Symmetry of europallets

wooden pallet diy massive dresser

Sustainable office facility

wooden pallet diy office furniture

Partition with antique flair

Euro pallet diy rustic partition wall

Original solution for storing your jewelry

wooden pallet diy jewelry shelf

Square armchairs and open beam ceilings

wooden pallet diy armchair open beam ceiling

Full terrace equipment from used pallets

europalette diy seating table terrace

Puristic and sophisticated at the same time

wooden pallet diy sofa white brick wall

A very practical wine rack

wooden pallet diy wine rack wall shelf

Elegance in white and gray

wooden pallet diy white coffee table gray couch

Even the front door can be made of Euro pallets

wooden pallet entrance door room divider

Two great seating creations

wooden pallet elegant armchair white upholstery

Relax properly with a clear conscience

wooden pallet garden furniture sofa blue

Coffee table made of europallets as eye-catcher

wooden pallet coffee table upholstered sofa

Space-saving kitchen frame

wooden pallet kitchen rack hanging pans

Unconventional open plan facility

wooden pallet furniture living room diy

Living room in the Scandinavian style

wooden pallet modern living room design coffee table

Spacious coffee table on wheels

wooden pallet square coffee table blue couch

Glamorous in pink and pink

wooden pallet chic diy couch pink pink

Small but nice

Wooden pallet armchair coffee table

Robust coffee table for your outdoor area

wooden pallet patio furniture coffee table storage bin

Wall covering made of europallets brings more warmth and comfort

wooden pallet wall covering coffee table

Pleasant hunting lodge atmosphere in the bedroom

wooden pallet wallcovering rustic

Square and stable in white and blue

wooden pallet white glass table table chairs

Gorgeous color joy in the living room

wooden pallet white sofa colorful colors decoration